March Sadness 2023 (a.k.a the RPS Biggest Loser tournament)

That always reminds me of some Apple //e game that I played where it would end with “YOU LOOSE.” :hsmack: As a kid, I wasn’t sure what to make of that.

So . . . you’re saying that Summer is a guy and Fall is a gal?


Huh, I guess I don’t get it. I thought whoever lost the first round of games went into this loser tournament. IPD and me are still in our first round of games, tied 3-3 currently. Or are you saying this is only for those who get beat 0-4 in their first match?

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Numbers is banking that you two will end up in a (perpetual) tie.

I just got a new prescription of :eyeglasses: . It’s taking me a while to adjust.

As you correctly note, either you or IPD will join this tournament*. Fixed above.

*assuming the loser of your match doesn’t withdraw from the Sadness

Oh good. I figure I’ll lose and wasn’t quite ready to be done yet!

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I believe the loser of the WishBear/SteveWhite matchup is eligible as well (just in case you’re still adjusting those :eyeglasses: ).

Indeed, you are correct.

ALivelySed enjoins us with his presents

Indeed. :gift:

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Let the Losing Begin!


Rupaul Drag Race GIF - Rupaul Drag Race Dive - Discover ...

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Welcome to the club.

I’m in now I suppose

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Well . . . since I’m now forbidden to join the fun, you could claim the use of the VA-algorithm for your throws.

This is all set up to be used, btw. I just need someone to claim it. :popcorn: :pie:


I just had a :bulb: moment. I can use it! (So, can anyone else, btw.)

JFG has entered the chat.

Sup, fellow losers!

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