March Sadness 2023 (a.k.a the RPS Biggest Loser tournament)

Hi, Arizona!

Who knows, I may still join this year.

did I win yet???

Are you sad?
Yes —> You won
No —> continue to next question

Are you a wiener?
Yes —> You are also a winner
No —> continue to next question

Are you a whiner?
Yes —> You are a loser
No —> continue to next question

Did you participate in March Madness and lose in your first match?
Yes —> Your status is still TBD but I’m sayin’ you have a chance
No —> You are a loser

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Sad Crying Animated Gifs

Now I’m sad, which starts the cycle over again and I’m a winner, so I’m happy, but then I’m not sad so I follow the No - No - No - No cycle and end up at the bottom, sad again, which makes me a winner when I go back to the top of the slide and I stop and I turn and I go for a ride. What a helter-skelter way to live my life.

great, thanks. [/s]

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Welcome a :keyboard: :heavy_division_sign: :key:


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“Welcome a1 board?”

I don’t get it.

Is this the Vietnam draft all over?

Or is this a Russian plot!!???!?!?!1?!1

I don’t see a one in there :squintyeyes:
The only draft is coming from that leaky window.
In Soviet Russia RPS plots you!

key / key = 1



Dude, the answer is actually abdor. The “one” doesn’t need to be written anymore.

Well if it was algebra, expressing the 1 is optional, akeyboard/key = a^2bdor .

But I’m not assuming either that it’s over the real numbers (or an appropriate subset) or that it’s commutative; only that the division is equivalent to applying the inverse multiplicatively on the left of the divisor and associative.

I didn’t posit anything about the minimum set of conditions necessary to make either statement true, just the result of a set of conditions.
/pedant off

If Stev (currently up 3-0) can put away IPD (currently down 0-3) we’ll get this show on the road. However, if IPD is able to mount either a horse a furious comeback then StevG will join us in the loser’s bracket.


To all participants, you have an indefinite deadline of “tonight sometime…maybe tomorrow if I don’t get a round tuit” to submit/change your throws or rng-weights if you so desire. The default is a weighting of 1/3 for each possibility.

This should be final:

Oh I’m definitely the losiest loser of this bunch. They’re all having their cake AND eating it while I’m still trying to get into the bag of flour. Stoopid winners.

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To add some variety:

Mind adding in the VA Algorithm as a participant (I don’t think I saw anyone claim it)?

Be interesting to see how that might work out relative to the “single throw” algorithm (of equal weights).

Since you have 13 direct entrants, this would make 14.

Might also add in two more participants (for giggles and kicks in that order!):

  1. One participant with one of the three choices with twice the weight (50, 25, 25). But no one knows which result has the greater weight.

  2. One participant with the VA Algorithm where one of the options also has twice the weight (independent of the one above).

This would make for a nice 16 entry bracket.