Making the Bed

I’d read an article about underwear hygiene, which included how often people change their underwear and how often they replace their underwear (supposedly replacing every 6 months is recommended by Big Skivvies).

Well many of the people on here with a peen seem to think a personal deodorant would be unnecessary for them, so I’m not surprised about the underwear thing. I do remember that thread, now that you mention it. As a person with a vagina, I am horrified by the thought of not changing my underpants at least every 12 hours.

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I mean, if I showered in the afternoon and then went out in the evening for a few hours only… I might wear the 3-hour underpants to the gym the next morning for a ~60 minute workout before another shower and clean pair.

But if I’ve worn the underpants through a workout, vigorous activity, or for most of the day then they go in the laundry basket.

I’d assume those not changing their underwear daily are not showering daily and sleep in their underwear, because once you take them off, it seems gross to put them back on.

I don’t shower every day. But i change my underwear every day. And if i do much exercise, i may change my underwear a few times in a day. I like to wear fresh dry underwear. That seems like one of the perks of living in the modern world.


Takes a minute to make the bed.

Thats time I could be sleeping or doing something more interesting.

Im like a few on here who said they make the bed when company comes over. Thats about it.

I feel the same as you do, but for some reason pulling them down to use the bathroom or taking them off for a doctors exam doesn’t have the same ew factor when I consider putting them back on as taking them off for a shower or something. I definitely put the same pair back on in lots of cases, even when at home, in the example of using the bathroom.

Answering before reading so as to not taint my answer. We do not make our bed. I just don’t care that much about a made bed. We change sheets every couple of weeks.

There are people who don’t change underwear daily? I use a towel for a week, don’t wash clothes after every wear, and rarely ever make our bed, but I change my underwear and socks every day and send them through the laundry after every wear.

That said I did have a thought in the shower the other day that cleanliness is one of the things that separates us from the other animals. Then I thought about cats and how much bathing they do. Then I realized that bathing in animals and humans is mostly about keeping our bottoms clean. That takes me back to underwear, change it daily.

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Same. I even use hot water on the load with the underwear.

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If you take the internet seriously, there are a lot of people who fail at keeping their bottoms clean. I’ve seen people who seemed to think that skid marks are a semi-normal thing, women complaining about guys who think it is `gay’ to wash their ass cracks, etc.

I find it best as a rule not to do this.


Yeah. I don’t want to have to wash my pants every time I wear them, and I like something soft close to my delicate bits, so I wear these special garments that are soft and easy to clean and I can keep a few weeks’ worth of in a small dresser drawer.

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Before I get out of bed I’ll streatch my arms and legs into a big X under the covers. Fold one corner over and get out. Then unfold the corner and straighten the pillows.

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I’m out there, Jerry, and the I’m loving every minute of it!


I misread this

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Well, I was maybe going to post this elsewhere, but this seems to be the place to talk hygiene. Got the bidet seat installed, and it’s pretty glorious. Big fan of this thing. It’s a Toto thing that warms the water and then dries your bum with warm air.

I wear clean socks and undies about 99% of the time. There is the odd day where I wake up to do manual work and I will just wake up and start that, and then shower after. Figure in those cases there’s no sense in getting cleaned up only to immediately get grimy.

Recently I’ve started wearing my jeans two days in a row as long as they still appear clean. Makes for less laundry, should help my jeans last longer, and honestly I don’t think they are getting very dirty with me sitting at a desk most days.

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