Makeup: Inherently bad?

I got all fancied up for a webinar series that my team was about to record and it just got cancelled. Now I’m sitting here in full makeup on a Thursday at home in a quarantine.

Okay fine - I used to sit at home in full makeup on a Thursday regardless of the state of any local quarantine(s), but the fact of the matter is - I like to wear makeup sometimes. It makes me look good, feel good, and is sometimes even required in order to hide the occasional acne flare-up.

So why are my non-spawns so vehemently opposed to even the concept of makeup?

I kid you not (heh), I used to wear makeup every single day of my life (since roughly the age of 15), but now that I’ve learned to live without it most of the time, if I even put a single pinch of mascara on, these robots are almost auto-tuned to point it out and question the validity of wearing makeup at all.

I get some of it, the female spawn producer is a natural beauty and likes to point out obvious differences between us - but this kid, while gently finger brushing dreads out of my hair one night, decided to go into a full philosophical discussion with himself about how the world would be a much better place if makeup had never been invented.

Is that… true? Or would the lack of beauty products just shift the rules of attraction slightly towards the ladies who can better pull off the au naturale look? I for one, am skeptical.

Do what you want, tell others to mind their own beeswax.

Sounds like Valentines day came 3 days early for you.

Heh. You know I don’t think men notice when girls think they look exceptionally more pretty than they usually believe they do.

I used to think this was because men were unobservant - but I’m starting to begrudgingly believe that they might actually mean it when they say they think their girl is still pretty or prettier without makeup.

And in some cases, it’s a no-win scenario for the guy.

As for the non-spawn’s comment, have you considered that it might be their attempt to engage you in discussion? Perhaps state your position, why you have that position, and be ready to “agree to disagree”?

Neither my spouse or I are a fan of makeup, but our youngest loves it. Loves it to an outrageous extent, YouTube tutorials, instas, tiktoks, anything and everything makeup, she is there for it. We just need to remember that people are allowed to enjoy what they enjoy, as long as they aren’t harming others with it.

I’ve at least come to appreciate the skill it takes to pull off some of the eye makeup that exists in the world.

Also, it takes some decent amount of confidence to put six different colors of eyeshadow on (emulating a desert sunset) and go out in public that way :smirk:


The incident in question was at least partially as you’ve described, but I’m still navigating which discussions/disagreements we can have without creating unnecessary conflict down the line with other interested parties, iykwim.

The tots are quite sensitive to conflict, and in comparison to me… uhm… let’s just say that I’m very laid back and sometimes this particular tot steps in to stop the other tot from doing/saying things in the absence of my own intervention.

Remind me of the age range of the non-spawns. Please feel free to ignore or PM if you’re not willing to post publicly.

What about six different colors of hair? I have at least that many now :D.

But for real, hair dyeing isn’t that far off from makeup - so how do y’all feel about that stuffs?

The most I’ve had is 4. 6 might be excessive… j/k.

The rules of attraction are based on whatever the rich women do. In poorer cultures where food is more scarce, fat women have been held in higher esteemed than in richer culture where the fatties have better access to healthy food, exercise and lipo. SImilarly, there are some cultures where the rich people spend less time in the sun so lighter skin is considered to be more beautiful, as opposed to other cultures where the rich women spend more time in resort islands and do other stuff to their bodies to make them more tan.

Hair dye feels more like clothing to me. I suppose that’s not a completely rational split. That being said, I’m with your non-spawn. I enjoy fun hair colors and nice clothes on other people (I’m generally too lazy to do either for myself) and if someone is wearing enough makeup for me to notice it, I usually dislike it.

On the other hand, it’s your face, and you should do whatever the hell you want with it. If you like to paint your face, if you think you look nicer with a little more color (or a little less color in the case of a pimple) you should go for it.

Hair color, makeup, facial hair, jewelry, piercings, etc. are all great non-permanent ways for people to express themselves. I admire those that go outside the norm, especially when it’s done well/is artistic.

I like to express my desire to blend into the crowd by not having any of those things. i am criticized for that too.

Agree with you on the makeup - never understood why people put on so much during parties, guess that’s just the culture.

I feel like eyeliner is distinctly noticeable on anyone who wears it, so does wearing only eyeliner fall under the too much category or no?

I will usually react more positively to someone who isn’t wearing eyeliner. But that’s just me. I don’t really matter to you. And it’s not like it’s a huge deal. Lots of people wear visible makeup.

Wait wut.

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Maybe I should clarify that I’m mostly speaking in generalities and am not taking any wars on makeup to heart? Please feel free to rip on makeup if you wish.

Edit: Oh god, but please also don’t use that blind endorsement as permission to construct a thinly veiled attempt at ripping on me.

My wife wears makeup every day whether she’s leaving the house or not. I have told her many times that I think she’s beautiful regardless, but I do recognize the fact that wearing makeup makes her feel good / more attractive so I really don’t say anything very often.

I’d stick with whatever makes you happy and/or feel attractive.


I am not articulating my desired points of discussion correctly (my therapist once wrote in my pysch assessment that I often speak tangentially and I’ve really had a hard time understanding what that meant but here we are).

I am wondering - for those that “do not like makeup” - what is the why of the equation? What makes makeup inherently “bad” in the eyes of some?