Makes me smile

“humans: 1,495 counties” is satire, right?

Or a high estimate of those who are domesticated

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No, if the humans outnumber the livestock, they get the county

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Between the time you posted this and now, the headline’s typo has been corrected.

Um, humans? What definition are they using exactly?

Here is one from

an animal, as the horse or cat, that has been tamed and kept by humans as a work animal, food source, or pet, especially a member of those species that have, through selective breeding, become notably different from their wild ancestors.

that’s much less interesting, I was really hoping there was an underground society full of humans who keep other humans as pets.


You haven’t been to the fun clubs and parties, I see.


i don’t have those kind of friends.

hell, i don’t seem to have any kind of friends.

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Preach it, Brother!