ok, here’s the trivia - what TWO actors were both in the Movie and TV show (more than just a one show guest run).

One is very easy.

Well the easy one is… Radar OReilly (Gary Burghoff)

Other than that…lemme think on it

Was it the Black Doctor with the wildly racist nickname?

I asked actors - hint, second didn’t play the same character

Spearchucker Jones? The one that threw the javelin in college?

halfway there

Sylvester Stallone?

Which characters were played by at least two different actors in the TV series?

Which actors played multiple characters in the TV series?

Which main characters were in the TV series from beginning to end?


I’m really just thinking of the main characters / lead actors in the first two questions and as such each has one answer. But casting was very unimaginative with the names of the nurses and the actresses who portrayed them, so some minor nurse characters / actresses also qualify.

And there are three main characters that appear from beginning to end.

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Everything you wrote was correct. But on the last question you only named two main characters and there is a third.

I think you know it; you just didn’t explicitly say it.

Oh, one more…

Which main characters get promoted?


There’s three… sorta. Some people tell me that one of them doesn’t count, but I disagree. And I only mean real actual promotions. Not Radar being a “Corporal Captain” when Hawkeye wants to take him to an Officers Club in Seoul.

Might depend on defining beginning to end

* Klinger all seasons, but introduced after New Mulcahy. So does Klinger count?

I don’t think Kellye or Ginger were every season

Klinger, Sgt
Radar made Sgt and had a fake promotion to LT, that was reversed
Mulcahy I believe finally made Capt

Pilot to series finale, and no, not Klinger or any of the minor nurse characters. Kellye had a bigger role towards the end, but there was no Kellye in the pilot.

Radar never made Sergeant, and his two fake promotions don’t count, although I confess I forgot about the “Lt O’Reilly” episode. He was a Corporal from the pilot until his character was written out of the show.

You got two of the three, but not the one that people complain shouldn’t count, but about which I personally disagree (which is a hint: counting it is admittedly controversial, but as I worded it, I stand by my assertion that it counts).

If someone wants to move the MASH posts to a different thread that’s fine by me. Sorry for derailing the RIP thread.

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Frank getting promoted after going nuts?

I also missed same actor as General Hammond in movie and series

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Yep, now you just need the third character who was in from pilot to series finale. Which… re-read your posts.

Oh, Character!!!


And I believe Igor was promoted

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