Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

Some think Halbrand. Because he discussed how you give the good guys power thinking they have won and create something better. Also because apparently in the books Sauron was imprisoned in Numenor

Sauron was imprisoned in Numenor, but that was after Ar-Pharazon defeated him in Mordor. I expect we’ll see that happen.

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There were a couple of black swords mentioned in the silmarillian, but I doubt this has anything to do with them.

I keep going back and forth thinking that the meteor guy is Gandalf or Sauron. I’m not sure if Adar is Sauron - it is a good possibility.

Halbrand could end up being the witch king…

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I think he’s going to become the ghost king who rose to fight for Aragorn in The Return of the King.


Interesting idea. I think he’ll be more important than that though.

Now that I think of it - if Adar isn’t Sauron, he will probably be the witch king.

Naw, the witch king needs to be a man who was tricked by Sauron into accepting a ring of power. And the rings haven’t been forged, yet.

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One of the things people are saying about Halbrand is that the head elf guy said it was actually bad that gladreal came back so it would be ironic twist if her coming back is what brought Sauron back. They are probably teasing multiple characters as Sauron to make it confusing.

I don’t think it is necessary that they were “tricked”. At least a few of them were likely from the so-called “black numenorians”, who essentially worshiped Morgoth. Others were kings from the east or south that were allies of Sauron.

Some were likely tricked though.

I don’t think they signed up to be enslaved.

Probably not. Sauron may have promised some of them they would be gods if they served him…

The more I think about it, the more likely it seems to me that he will be the witch king.

Gotta read the fine print.

As far as how faithfully the series will follow the Silmarillion (Akallabeth), it has been seen there are differences already. I think i read the licensing was of the appendices to LOTR, not the Silmarillion, so i think they have to be careful. But pretty sure Stranger is Gandalf and Adar is Sauron. Only thing that has me sayimg maybe Adar is not S is his recollection of being young while walking along the Sirion. Might just be figurative, because he later confesses his aspiration to be a god.

I’ve been thinking Halbrand is Sauron. Galadriel was warned earlier on that she may aid the very being she seeks to destroy (not an exact quote it’s probably off). I’m not certain but something is definitely off with him.

It would be a good twist. He does want to share knowledge with the smiths…

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Halbrand is definitely Sauron and meteor man is Gandalf. Halbrand will start taking over once Adar is defeated

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I haven’t finished latest episode.

halbrand is definitely being set up as at least a red herring for sauron and may be him, but that’s not my guess.

Gandalf is not supposed to be in middle earth yet.

Remember that LOTR is a deeply roman catholic story.

Morgoth is supposed to have been the greatest of the greater angels (valar). And Sauron is supposed to have been the greatest of the lesser angels (maia).

I think maybe with meteor man we are seeing the good being sauron could have been. Then he will get that sword which will return his memories, and he will be thoroughly evil.

similarly, halbrand is the sinner, or “low man”, for whom god has greater plans (like a less extreme gollum.) this is unlike the numenoreans, the “high men”, who in their pride will ultimately have a spectacular fall from grace.

“Identify what it is that your opponent most fears and give them a means of mastering it… so that you can master them.”

Pretty much what Sauron does with the rings and what Halbrand is doing to Galadriel if he is currently Sauron

i think habrand currently belongs to sauron. it’s not surprising he’s exhibiting some sauron like behavior.

another point is that sauron, gandalf, sauramon and radagast are all similar beings. we’d expect sauron to potentially look like the wizards.

the only problem with meteor man being sauron is that it seems too obvious. but habrand would be pretty obvious too.

Canonically, it’s Galadrial who warns the other elves to distrust Sauron.

They are messing around with the timeline so much that I don’t think this matters. Not that I mind much - it’s a fun story, even if it isn’t exactly how Tolkein told it.

There is still a chance that meteor man is Sauron, but I’m pretty sure he’s Gandalf. Didn’t the meteor come out of the west? I can’t see why Sauron would have been there, but Gandalf would have. Cannonically, Sauron was hanging out in the east around this time - but, again, the cannon doesn’t seem to be all that important.

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So are balrogs…