Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

Episode 1 and 2 is coming out tomorrow! The trailers and reviews all look promising. Amazon put hundreds of millions into this show so I’m optimistic this will be the best show to come out this year.

Episode 1 is on at 8pm Central Time today and episode 2 is tomorrow.

The first couple episodes were good so far. They did a great job with the scenery and I expect the plot will pickup a bit after the introductions. There are lots of haters on the internet about this. You’ll miss out if you don’t give a new story of this a chance.

I was surprised how much it sounded like Shakespeare compared to the movies…

Agree with the writing seeming off compared to the stuff by Peter Jackson. I think the weird rock vs boat metaphor is the most egregious example

Well, it is 3000 years earlier…

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This is not Peter Jackson’s show

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There seem to be at least a few non-canonical Tolkien based character and or plot changes. But given the material they are pulling from I personally don’t have a problem with it but I could see how some internet Tolkienphiles might.

Anyway, thought the first 2 episodes were pretty good.


The story/characters feel pretty cliche. I don’t know how normal that is, because I stopped watching tv years ago. It’s fun to watch with my 6 year old anyway.

Well Tolkien started this particular cliche so…


I meant the characters, plot, and dialogue could be pulled from almost any Disney franchise. But yeah, I guess that’s not really tolkien’s fault. Anyway it is very beautiful.

We got a lot of Galadriel and Numenor, just a look in on on the Harfoot and still no rings. I guess next episode will focus more on Celebrimor story line which in turn will give us more of Elrond.

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The stranger from the sky is going to be Gandalf, isn’t it.

That will annoy me a bit since Gandalf isn’t supposed to show up for another 1000 years, but it looks like they are compressing the timeline anyway, so I’ll get over it.

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But he doesn’t know English so it’s all good

The build up has been great so far. I really don’t understand why anyone dislikes the show.

Theo’s evil blade is really interesting. Anyone have any theories on it? I’m thinking there may be more of these blades and everyone holding the blades will become the Ringwraiths.

Sauron is coming soon!

Except the ring wraiths are supposed to have been corrupted by rings. And since they’ve called the series “rings of power” i think they will stick with that.

Guessing Sauron is Adar.

I think the blade was made by Morgoth for Sauron and he wants it back. I suppose it will help him gain power.

If Theo doesn’t become the Witch King of Angmar I’m going to be shocked