Live-blogging the debate

Here is a thread to live-blog the debate.

Which debate? Whichever one is going on. If you think a debate is worthy of it’s own thread then by all means create one. This thread is for all the others.

First up, Walker vs. Warnock, tonight at 7pm (ET).

You can watch the televised U.S. Senate debate, which begins at 7 p.m., on FOX 5,, or in the FOX 5 Atlanta app.

Insulin is expensive. Gotta eat right!

I didn’t have insulin denier on my bingo card

Now Walker is saying that he’s good with exceptions for abortions.

He changes his stories more frequently than his drawers

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Lol. Walker gets ripped by the moderator for bringing out a fake badge to pretend he’s part of law enforcement.


Sir, you are aware of the rules and props are not allowed. :laughing:


Did walker claim earlier that 70% of drugs from the border go through Atlanta? I’m not sure how that could possibly make any sense. Or did i mishear?

He said something like that, but I don’t remember hearing a specific statistic.

The advantage that Walker has is that the expectations are so low for his performance that he can’t help but do better than expected.

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Shame that Warnock did not raise his hand to say he supported a minimum wage, since I believe his comments supported a minimum wage.

Aghast that Walker seemed to think the badge is not a prop if it is real.


I’m behind, so I was listening for this. I believe the exact quote was “70% of the drugs coming from the border going through Atlanta”.

I assume he means the other way around… that 70% of the illegal drugs in Atlanta come from the border. That at least might be true.

I guess he could only memorize so many plays.

Clearly Walker was told to say Warnock is with Biden 96% of the time as many times as he can

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easy and effective.

And also that Warnock is representing Joe Biden, not Georgia. He’s worked that in several times.

Warnock’s answer to the question about evicting people is not very clear.

im on delay, but walker holding up better than expected.

if he can survive this without face planting, id call that a win.

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You probably know this, but Walker has claimed before that he’s an FBI agent and was trained at Quantico.

wait, im behind, is that really gonna happen?