Lighting a match from a book of matches

Domestic disagreement over here.
How do you light a match from a book of matches?

  • Close cover and drag the end over the strip
  • Fold match cover over, press the head between the cover and strip, and yank it out
  • Matches? We don’t need no stinking matches
  • 42 flame throwers

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have used the two offered. not a frequent user of matches, so guessed based on memory of which one was predominant. not sure if accurate.

I have done 1 and 2, but answered 1 as that’s what I almost always do

Back in the 80s when a kid could still buy cigarettes from a vending machine, I’d do the fold over method. It was more likely to ignite. My weak little fingers couldn’t always hold the match firmly against the strip if I did the drag method.

These days I use matches from a box, not a book.

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REIDEA Electronic Candle Lighter Arc Windproof Flameless USB Rechargeable Lighter with Safe Button for Home Kitchen Champagne Gold

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Incompatible with the most common purpose of match lighting :tfh:

Most common for whom?

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Match box master race imo

Match books are for plebs

Most common in my house.

I’m using a lighter in my house. If we have matches it’s boxes of matches. So… I’m normally going for option one, but if the matches won’t cooperate I’m moving to option two.

So I’m voting option one because that’s what I will try first.

After a big :poop:???

@Echo: You are a brave doggo following Daddy into the bathroom!!! You deserve lotsa chikkin and turkey jerky!!! :dog:

it is weird how matches are absolutely the best bathroom deodorizer.

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I do 2 as it is easier, but actually not safe as the lit match can flare, while all the others are exposed

So 1 is the proper way

Not sure how to answer

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Ohio Blue Tip FTW.
Use the ass-end of your blue jeans.
Use the sidewalk.
Use your fingernail.

Someone: “you can have all the food and drink you’ll ever need, all you have to do is strike a match and light it.”

Me: “fuck, I’m gonna die of thirst and then starve.”

Must determine if he has eaten chikin I don’t know about.

Correct answer is whatever master’s master says it is.:dog:


didn’t realize you could still buy non-safety matches

They do not make Ohio Blue Tips anymore, but you can buy Diamond Greenlight Strike Anywhere Matches.

Can buy old Blue Tips on eBay and Amazon, though.

light it using just one hand. so cool

Why not use bathroom fan on timer?