LaTeX enthusiasts

Can we post LaTeX here?

like \LaTeX or something \ax{\angln i}


Oh sweet it works. Okay, to get the actuarial symbols working, you need to install a package called ‘actuarialsymbol’. In my previous post, I had typed in the command \ax{angln i} which is the annuity symbol.

Already in the queue. Maybe Friday.

Some day I’m going to pressure one of you folks to video stream tutor us all on latex.

The AO thread

Bama Gambler (and others) have tips without the actuarial symbol package, including for example
[ tex]\ddot{a}_{\overline{n}|}[/tex]. :swear: the Latex symbols are no longer displaying in the AO thread.

:swear::swear: I don’t know what tags CS used to display what he did.



Just dollar signs I think. Gonna be pretty interesting when people use it on accident lol.

I last used LaTeX in 1993 I think.

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Dammit. OK, try again:

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OK, so we’ve got latex working here, using mathjax. basically enclose your block of latex (pre and post) with $$, and that’ll tell the system to interpret that as latex.
It looks like there’s nothing available extensively for displaying a full list of actuarial symbols online, so what mathjax has is what’s available.

Testing it out:


Works for me!

Test. Just checking whether some things are in the MathJax set or are actuarial extensions. This is something Bama Gambler posted on the AO, just changing the delimiters and some other BB code

Certain annuity-due:

\ddot{a}{\overline{n}|} = $$\ddot{a}{\overline{n}|}$$

Complete life expectancy:
\overset{\circ}e_x = $$\overset{\circ}e_x$$

Temporary life expectancy:

\overset{\circ}e_{x:\overline{n}|} = $$\overset{\circ}e_{x:\overline{n}|}$$

Continuous term insurance:

\bar{A}{\overset{1}x:\overline{n}|} = $$\bar{A}{\overset{1}x:\overline{n}|}$$

So much for that test. I better play around with basics more, since I don’t think all of those were actuarial extensions.


OK, none of that is actuarial extensions, so I’m missing something. Do I need some delimiters other than $$ before and after? On the AO I would have started with [TEX] and was interpreting the instructions here to use $$ instead.

Certain annuity-due:

\ddot{a} *{\overline{n}|} = \ddot{a}* {\overline{n}|}

Complete life expectancy:

\overset{\circ}e_x = \overset{\circ}e_x

Temporary life expectancy:

\overset{\circ}e_{x:\overline{n}|} = \overset{\circ}e_{x:\overline{n}|}

Continuous term insurance:

\bar{A} *{\overset{1}x:\overline{n}|} = \bar{A}* {\overset{1}x:\overline{n}|}

So, slight change to your format. Put the start $$ and the end $$ on their own lines instead of embedded within the line. It’s more of a ‘start block’ than a start latex I guess.