Last Week Tonight

Wow, what a great show last night!
The main story was, as ever, devastating and important. But Pumpkin Spice Yelling Voice-Over Guy was back and hitting it hard.

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Oh I missed it :frowning: I didn’t realize it was back. I am glad the writer’s strike is over.

I’ll look for it tonight

If you have Max, it’s on anytime you want. And if you have HBO, then you (should) have Max.
Also possibly available on YouTube.

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Now I can go back to getting news through my preferred channels.

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So excited for it to be back. I also caught an ultra-extended A Closer Look by Meyers. He still has it, but to be honest SO MUCH happened that it was just a tidal wave of info.

Still waiting to watch LWT, haven’t cheated on my partner by watching the new one without, but may soon if they don’t want to.

Actually, my DVR caught it, but since I wasn’t expecting it, I didn’t know to look for it.

I like his humor a lot. I really don’t agree with a lot of his politics, but he is funny and has great writing. I love a lot of the absolute stupidly silly stuff that he does, like the whole bit about that Australian banana statue.

Pumpkin pie spice guy was awesome.

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Well, I understand the news broke on Saturday, but I was disappointed that he virtually completely ignored the news out of Israel & Gaza (I/G).

As I have said here before, I enjoy JO and his take on things. And I consider myself “centered” politically, I probably align myself as a fiscal conservative and social “somewhat” liberal.

And while his story of the week was about the power of the pro-homeschool lobby, and he took pot shots at American neo-nazis, he has previously shown himself to be anti-Israeli and perhaps antisemitic. In fact, he actually told a joke this week about how he cannot wait for and hopes for the death of former Secretary of State and Nobel Peace Prize winner Henry Kissenger, who is Jewish.

I assume next week, he will be all up and into the I/G situation. I expect him to be critical of Israel. Militant terrorists have continually attacked Israel, and then Israel responds with counter attacks. And JO unfairly criticizes the Jewish state for disproportionality in it’s response.

The muslim world celebrated the attack on Israel, even in the US. I wonder, with 8 days to plan his story, will JO condemn the attacks as terrorism, or will he join in the applause?

I think he records on Saturday.


NY Post might not be your favorite source, but there are photos showing celebrants, Palestine flags, and a certain abhorrent, squar-ish symbol you will easily recognize.

I’m not sure Kissinger’s Jewishness has anything to do with it. That dude is a f’ing monster, responsible for the deaths of countless innocent people.


Yeah - disliking someone who is jewish is significantly different than disliking someone because they are jewish.


Now, that is rational.
So, how do you think that works out in the real world?

Nobel. Peace Prize. Winner.

He has a very long resume filled with lots of good and bad stuff. Mostly bad imo.


Disagree. He prevented nuclear war and stabilized the cold war. The world might not literally exist today if it were not for him.

I’m not quite sure I understand your question. What is “that”?

Millions of Cambodians would like a word.

His cold war accomplishments and middle east involvements were mostly fine. He really goes off the rails in Vietnam and later imo.

It’s fine to disagree about him. He will always be a controversial figure.

Nobel peace prize is another puzzling ‘accomplishment’ of his. The Vietnamese guy turned his down because they didn’t actually achieve peace. If anything, he should have gotten it for his work in the middle east.

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And what exactly are you pointing the finger at Hank for, when the real sociopath was Pol Pot?

I’m saying your sentence has perfectly fine logic, but too many people don’t think that way. Say one critique about one Jew, and instead of arguing that point, yell Anti-semite, and claim a W.
Exhibit A on display right here.

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I see. I agree.