Last movie you've watched

The Spiral Staircase - (1946) Dorothy McGuire, Ethel Barrymore

I thought the :maple_leaf:trio of Ryan Gosling, Simu Liu and Michael Cera were great but I am biased. :canada:

Hamilton on Disney Plus. It’s the film of the original Broadway show with the original actors like Lin Manuel Miranda.

It was okay. Probably better to watch it live in a theater. But then again I saved hundreds of dollars not having to watch it on Broadway. Plus on TV, I could put the subtitles on. Sometimes it was hard to follow the rappers.

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That is how I watched it as well, and I had the same thoughts about the subtitles.

I finally watched Rashomon last night (on Max).

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Barbarian (2022)
Didn’t get around to seeing it when it came out. Finally watched last night and wow did it live up to the hype! Really well-done, super creepy and had a couple of good twists. Just an all-around great horror movie.

The Human Comedy (1943) - Mickey Rooney is great as the central character stepping up for his family during wartime. Lots of good messages. Very young Donna Reed as the sister and Robert Mitchum in his first (though small) movie role.

Something I won’t be watching, regardless of the scads of PR I was forced to watch recently (long story):

I haven’t seen Yellowstone or this, but everything else I’ve seen by him I consider overrated.

He’s been in some good movies, but I always feel you could swap him out for some other similar actor and not really lose anything.

Unparalleled performance in “The Big Chill.”


Beverly Hills Cop Alex F - the Netflix movie release - lacked the chemistry and humor of the original series. The Action was OK I suppose but it was a pretty forgettable sequel, I see why it went straight to the small screen. It was entertaining enough for what it was but easily skipable.

I don’t think just any actor could be as convincing a pitcher as Costner in For The Love Of The Game. Costner admitted to taking PEDs for the role, but he also claimed he was throwing 200-300 pitches a day for 18 consecutive days, so…

That said, the movie was only so-so.

I’m sure I saw that movie but it made no lasting impression. Overall Coster is hit and miss with more miss than hit but I will say he was awesome in Tin Cup and Bull Durham and pretty good in Dances with Wolves and field of dreams. I’m sure there is other stuff of his I’ve liked but I do know there were quite a few stink bombs like water world and few others thrown in.

a bit stiff

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Never saw that one. He was good in Bull Durham.

It’s a romance/drama about an aged MLB pitcher. He’s thinking back over key moments in his life while he pitches his final start of the season amid calls for him to retire. It’s against the Yankees, in Yankee stadium, after the Tigers -his team- have already been eliminated from the post season.

I think it is materially better than the reviews suggest, but I also think romance-baseball movies have a very limited appeal. It wasn’t as funny as Bull Durham or as deep as Dances With Wolves… it’s good, but not great.

Vin Scully is calling the game… I can’t remember if he plays himself or a fictional broadcaster.

But I definitely can’t imagine any actor besides Kevin Costner in that role.

Das Lehrerzimmer - The Teachers’ Lounge (airplane) - Best International nominee. It was good. felt a bit heavy handed, and could have been better with a defter hand. I enjoyed it, but wanted something more. Didn’t care for the ending as well.

Io capitano (airplane) - Best International nominee. Interesting “road film” with an edge. Hard to watch at times, but I liked it.

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire (HBO) - Silly, but watchable. Really paled in relation to the recent Japanese Godzilla. Too much - Oh look we are quirky characters and a contrived plot created to make the story they wanted, not matter how convoluted

Anyone But You (Netflix) - Ok rom com. Starts off good, nice chemistry. Then the tired old troupe of miscommunication (Much Ado About Nothing) it loses it’s chemistry. The parents are some good veteran actors, the younger people were there because they are pretty

Inside Out 2 - interesting. Hip_tiger_wife said it took her back to 8th grade.