Last movie you've watched

Got a bit of the way through Taylor Swift’s concert movie.
Not sure what bores me more: her singing voice – perhaps the movie had to drown out the screams and all we get is a muted vocal – or the lyrics which are about herself or about a character that is herself, and I’m not all that interested in the topic.

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The Frogmen (1951) Fine portrayal of a really risky role in WWII

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American Fiction - well educated black professor is an author with well respected but little read books. He writes a Blacksplotation novel under the pseudonym Stagg R. Leigh as a lark. I think you can guess a bit where it’s going. Without giving too much spoiler, it was an odd but enjoyable film.

Think it was on prime

A Simple Favor (2018) just came to Netflix. Quirky as all get out. I enjoyed it.

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Just watched Beverly Hills Cop for the nostalgia factor. I enjoyed it.

Just watched that a few weeks ago when I was visiting family. It’s a hoot. Man I forgot how much chaos they wreaked with that truck in that big chase scene.

My wife and daughter just watched that while I and my other daughter played terraforming mars.

Cross reference to one of those EV threads?

Someone misspelled Axle, and i couldnt resist.

I saw that, and thought about asking you if you would like an espresso with a little lemon twist.

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You make it in the back, it’s no problem?

Don’t be stee-upid, it’s no trouble at all!!

Watched Children of Men last night. Great movie, Michael Caine’s character adds just enough levity to an otherwise bleak story.


It was bleak but I agree it was good

Yes, it was a great surprise when I stumbled across it 6 years ago.

Wild France as you have never seen it - In the heart of French wildlife
[Hip_tiger_wife often picks a nature documentary to watch on Sunday afternoon.]

“Billy and Molly: An Otter Love Story” on Disney+ National Geographic.

" A man forms an unlikely friendship with a wild Otter while living in the remote Shetland Islands."

Ezra at the theater. Not sure what to make of this one. It focuses on a father’s love for his autistic son. Bobby Cannavle is the father, DeNiro is the grandfather and Rose Byrne as the mother. Dad “kidnaps” his son and takes him an “adventure” of sorts. The feeling of the film is that the autism runs in the family to some degree. Interesting roles for Rainn Wilson and Whoopi Goldberg too.

Finally watched this one. Nolan films are always a ride. Enjoyed the layered dream worlds. It’s a fun concept.

Gone Girl
Been meaning to watch this for a while. It was really well done. The story was sufficiently twisty to keep you guessing a bit. Fincher does well with these true crime type things. His Netflix series Mindhunter was fantastic. Bummed they didn’t make a third season.

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Three biopics, two uplifting, one depressing and Godzilla

The Iron Claw (HBO) Well done story of the wrestling Von Erich family. I don’t remember them, but I remember the titular move, not just sure if though them. I was a big wrestling fan from the early 70s through the late 80s. The movie was good, I wished there was more refence to the period beyond their immediate universe and the movie didn’t raise the emotions in me it should have

Gojira -1.0 (Netflix) Being Plot driven and great special effects makes this a excellent entry into the monster series.

A Million Miles Away (Airplane) Very good, feel good story of a migrant farm worker who becomes an astronaut. Well done

The Boys in the Boat (Airplane) Very well done sports movie, tat elicited the right emotions. I personally think George Clooney is a good director (as long as he is not in the film).

Watched a Weird Al documentary – a straight one, not the send-up one. Interesting, but not nearly as funny as the send-up.
Watched a Mt St Helens documentary from about 1997 or so (Prime, which has a shitload of these nature docs and Rock/Roll docs). Eh. I’ve probably seen it before.
“Are You OK?” Lesbian coming-out of age movie. Meh. Not enough skin.
The Holdovers (Hulu). Very good, highly recommend.

Hit Man on Netflix, new release. Mostly true story of a college professor (psychology and philosophy) working for the cops as fake hitman, the one you try to hire and then get arrested. A tad uneven, but not too bad.

A Shock to the System on Tubi. Stars Michael Caine as a businessman with problems, ones that murder can solve. From 1990, so very dated, but acceptable.

Lucky Number Slevin on Tubi. Seen it many times, still enjoy it.