Last movie you've watched

Oh. Thanks for the reminder. I’ve not see Barbie, but planned to. Now it, Oppenheimer, and Fantastic Planet are all available at the library. Nice.

I finished part I and about half of part 2 of Get Back. It’s pretty amazing to see a song you’re familiar with just appear pretty much out of nothing. And, our course I have the benefit of knowing how it ended, but it seemed pretty clear that George was miserable though most of part 1. It’s too bad you don’t get to see what was said that allowed him to be in a clearly much more positive attitude as they start recording at Apple. He smiles more there than he did in all of part 1.

I also thought it was funny that I"ve pretty much always heard the rooftop concert described as the “impromptu” rooftop concert, but always thought it couldn’t be because of where all the cameras were placed - in particular, that they clearly wanted to catch the police arriving to stop the concert. And that idea gets mentioned very early in part 1, weeks ahead of time.


Or Morocco, or Greece, or the middle of a jungle (?). They had a few outlandish ideas for their “free concert.”

(IMO) As for George, clearly the most talented, musically and imagination-wise, didn’t like being treated as a session musician, being told what to do and when. And it was clear when he released a three-album record in 1970. He had a shitload of songs he wanted to share with the band.
Maybe Abbey Road was an easier commute than to Twickenham?

Also, they didn’t really decide to do the rooftop concert until that morning. Yes, things were planned and set up in the hopes that they would, but nothing was decided until pretty much the last minute.

George was an incredible talent and my main criticism of the Lennon/McCartney duo is how they suppressed his talent. I never knew how much he expressed his frustration until I watched Get Back.

“Just tell me what to play and how to play it and I will.”

The underscored and missing part: “Because I’m that good.”

How dare you

I didn’t get that far yet. Then I guess it is really pretty amazing that they could set up the film coverage of the event, including being able to capture the police showing up, in just an hour or two. I’ve also always assumed they called the police themselves, but I don’t know that that would have been necessary. We’ve had the police called on us more than once for private party gigs. All you have to do is play outside and you can be sure that someone will be annoyed.

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Oh, a Ringo fan?


I Still need to see Ringo 2

6 year old me liked Octopus’s Garden and Yellow Submarine best, so Ringo featured prominently.

IF at the theater. John Krasinski wanted to finally make a movie his kids could watch. He succeeded. Very enjoyable, great voice cast too (Steve Carrell, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Awkwafina, Emily Blunt, George Clooney, Bradley Cooper, Matt Damon, Bill Hader, Richard Jenkins, Blake Lively, etc.). Highly recommend.