Last movie you've watched

The Menu. It was………weird.

We just watched the breadwinner, a cartoon about a girl that dresses like a boy to survive Taliban rule. Not sure why, I think I was just very tired of dealing with my mom and kid, and wanted something not-loud and obnoxious.

It belongs in the same bucket as Grave of the Fireflies. Beautiful and sad. The violence isn’t at all graphic or dramatic, but an ordinary man beating up an ordinary woman who has no recourse, is so much more tragic than Loki impaling Coulson with his magic lance before getting shot in the face with a photon gun.

It’s a bit odd because “being real” has basically no meaning to my kid. I mean, she knows the difference between fact and fiction, but does she really know the difference between “this story took place 1000 years ago” and “this takes place in afganistan”? Then again, maybe I don’t either.

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Took my teenage grandchildren to see Avatar: The Way of Water. Technically a superb movie and it did not drag despite 3+ hours of running time.

Vengeance on Amazon Prime. Starring, written by, and directed by BJ Novak. It’s cute. Ashton Kutcher is in it, always nice.

I"ve seen these so far and agree, except maybe that there were a couple good laughs near the end of MYOD.

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

Fun movie with Nicholas Cage and Pedro Pascal. Lots of callbacks to Cage movies and great chemistry with the cast.

80 for Brady Supposedly based on a true story, four 80 year old women (or very nearly 80) are huge Tom Brady fans and try to get to the Superbowl against Atlanta. A few funny moments, but not much else.

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And it felt more succinct than the others without sacrificing anything.

Rewatched The Fifth Element last night as I needed to be entertained but not overly taxed. The first time I watched it was when my youngest daughter dressed up some years ago as Leeloo for a Halloween Party. Had to check out the movie after that.

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I found out that Don Hertzfeldt posted his short, World of Tomorrow, on youtube. It had previously been pretty difficult to see, as you typically had to buy a blu-ray directly from Don. It’s one of my favorites.

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interesting, i watched it late 2016, no idea how i accessed it, might have been grouped with other shorts for a while

Thanks for sharing that. I enjoyed it.

Murder on the Orient Express (1974)
What a cast!
Enjoyable enough. I need to read the book, though.