Last movie you've watched

That is exactly what happened for me.

Pelosi in the House (HBO) It was ok, but nothing I didn’t already know.

Causeway (AppleTV) Good story of a couple of broken people forming a friendship. Well done, but nothing to make it special

The Menu (HBO Max) I rather liked this. I watch a lot of food shows (Particularly Chef’s Table) and this was an interesting and dark spoof, bringing culinary following to a cult like level

Emily the Criminal (Netflix) Not what I expected x2. But I rather enjoyed it.

The Sea Beast (Netflix) Good animation, but the story didn’t feel all too fresh

The Pale Blue Eye (Netflix) A lot of good in this, but it dragged

Enola Holmes 2 (Netflix) These are fun and well paced. I do wonder if they will find a better naming convention, if they will continue. “The Case Of The …”

Ocean’s 11 (new) > Ocean’s 11 (old) (IMO)
Old one was such a bore.
I think I’d prefer to watch “The Making of the First Ocean’s 11,” wherein several entertainers working in Vegas decide to make a Vegas heist film.

sometimes it’s not that the original is “bad” so much as it’s very “dated”.

Not saying that the new one is necessarily better, but the old one certainly has elements that “date” it:

  • Parent Trap
  • Miracle on 34th Street
  • Father of the Bride

The original Miracle on 34th St is far superior to any remake (and for the most part I was talking foreign to English)

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Yeah, that’s literally what all the books are called

funny just started watching a Italian film (Big Deal On Madonna St), and the plot felt familiar, but pretty sure hadn’t seen the actual film. figured out i saw the American remake (Welcome To Collinwood) a year and half ago.

45 years between the films

Lol. I just looked up the movies on imdb and saw a familiar face. The cast of Welcome To Collinwood includes Mr Noodle’s brother, Mr Noodle!

How you doin?’ :laughing:

heyyyyyyyy there!

When you gonna be in St. Louis?

on Netflix for foreign films it seems to be defaulting to Dubbed. I don’t usually watch dubbed, except anime.

But, in all honesty, the spoken word makes more sense than the written word. but the English acting has been terrible. Then again. if tired, i would rather hear than read.

just saying…

maybe i set it watching anime

I think netflix has superb dubbing imo.

I usually can watch most netflix things dubbed without taking myself out of it

I opt for dubbed as well. I found that one movie in particular was pretty bad, The Big 4, an Indonesian action movie. It felt like a Saturday morning Kung Fu movie from the 70’s. Otherwise, it is usually very well done.

I have found that dubbers don’t capture the emotion enough. Also, my hearing is going to shit (or I can blame my old A/V system) so I’m reading just about every movie these days.

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spend that actuarial money on some hearing aid imo.

And make the ringing louder?? No thank you.

OK, OK! I’ll go with you.


“Vice”. Mediocre movie but great performance from Christian Bale.

Last movie:

The Long Goodbye

Elliot Gould as Philip Marlowe. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger in a tiny part as a henchman (uncredited)


On The Beach (1959)
Post-apocalyptic (1964) Eden (Australia) exists as the Northern Hemisphere has wiped itself off the Earth. However, the winds will eventually blow southward. A married (to someone in the USA, with two kids) American submarine captain is assigned to check the North Pole and the Pacific shores for radiation and signs of life, but before he goes, of course he falls in love with Ava Gardner, because of course he does. Meanwhile, Anthony Perkins his wife and new baby try not to think about the impending doom. Meanwhile, Fred Astaire, not dancing, is repairing an old Ferrari to race in what I can assume will be the last auto race on Earth.
Pretty good.