Kroger, Albertsons to merge into amazingly mediocre grocery store

Cleanup on aisle 5

don’t got either in my hood

Good title. I have nothing to add. I guess I should theoretically be cheering the hometown team, but meh.

My preferred store is a local, independent grocer. There can’t be many left. We also have one of I think just a couple dozen independent department stores in the US. It’s a weird city.


I tend to go to Trader Joe’s or Publix when I’m in 'Murica.

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It is entirely possible that there is a grocery store near you that is owned by either Albertsons or Kroger.

City Market, King Soopers, Kroger . . . all the same chain.

Albertsons also does business as Acme Markets, Amigos, Andronicos, Balduccis, Carrs, Haggen, Jewel-Osco, Kings Food, Lucky, Market Street, Pak n Save, Pavilions, Randalls, Safeway, Shaws, Star Market, Tom Thumb, United Supermarkets, and Vons.

Krogers also does business as Dillons, Food 4 Less, Fred Meyer, Frys, Harris Teeter, Home Chef, King Soopers, Marianos, QFC, Ralphs, Roundys, Ruler Foods, and Smiths…plus a few non-grocery businesses.

As a matter of fact, there is! Didn’t know that till I googled

Yup, damn didn’t know Kroger and Albertsons owned everything

I thought there were monopoly rules, or is that just a bored game?

Go Howard E. Butts go!

Per FoodIndustry.Com, the top 10 grocery items sales by revenue are-

  1. Walmart - $467B
  2. Amazon/Whole Foods - $239B
  3. Costco - $141B
  4. Kroger - $137B
  5. Albertsons - $71B
  6. Food Lion - $54B
  7. Publix - $48B
  8. H-E-B - $34B
  9. Meijer - $25B
  10. Target - $21B

So the merger would move the pair up from 4/5 to 3.

dafuq is Meijer

It’s a chain in Michigan and prolly other parts. I stopped into one once on a road trip.

Oh I forgot about those.

A bigger chain than Target? Who knew

$239B for Whole Foods? That’s what, five thousand customers at the prices they charge?

wholefoods is pretty cheap now. Maybe just slightly more expensive than the other ones, and since most of their stuff is organic people are willing to pay for the price.

Maybe I will try them again. Haven’t been in a couple of years.

We have Hy-Vee here, which has some nice products but they run about 20-30% more than my local place.