Kendall Jenner is the highest paid model in the world for the last four years

Whatever your opinions of the family, you have to admit, when they do things, they do it right.

The modeling industry is full of snobs and old money. To be able to impress them this much is quite impressive.

Extremely talented family.

You get the impression that these people are awesome. I get the impression that the general public are suckers.


Is she model looking?? (No idea what she looks like, not googling her)

or just pretty enough and being part of a freak show family gets her attention

She’s really unique looking (eyes are kind of far apart). So yes, in that sense she’s quite model-esque. She’s also the tallest of the family.

I don’t think they’re awesome. I don’t know them personally. But they are really talented at what they do. And they do a lot.

Kylie Jenner had one of the most successful makeup lines.
It’s not like they all do the same things. Half of the family are billionaires or near billionaires by making money in completely different industries.

Seska is my favorite. Yeah, she had a lot of work done, but you can’t say it wasn’t effective! Too bad about the baby daddy drama, RIP.

You make quite a few comments about the Kardashians on here, mostly about how everyone here hates their success, otherwise no one on here really talks about them.

Seems like no one on here thinks about them nearly as much as you think about us thinking about them.

Does that bother you?

Pretty sure I can post whatever that comes to my mind. It seems to bother you that I post what I think. Why?

It doesn’t bother me, I find your game interesting to watch.

See? Now you’re giving me incentive to post. I love to entertain.

As for the Kardashians. I like seeing people succeed. If you become the most successful actuary, I’ll post about you too.

Yes, and what they do is take the general population as suckers. ‘Look at me’ is a pretty shitty business model if you ask me. Their money is simply them monetizing that.
Rihanna and Selena gomez are monetizing similiarly, but at least they had a decent foundation to build their business. The Kardashians don’t.
But whatever. I don’t follow any of them, couldn’t match a single one of them to a picture and don’t know most of their names. Kim, I think that’s the mother but that’s all I got. Don’t care, not a sucker for someone else going ‘look at my fat ass, isn’t it great’.

For what it’s worth, Kendall does not have a fatass. She has a typical model physique.

The second richest of the family is Kylie Jenner, and she rarely makes appearances on the show or in public. Her wealth is from her makeup line.

So while what you say is true about some family members (mostly the Kardashian sisters), it applies less so to the Jenner sisters, and yet they’re still super successful.

Yes, that’s what the gullible say.
You know most cosmetic related things are total bullshit right? They’re not selling cosmetics, they’re selling image. Which,…to my point.

chicken and egg

If they weren’t Kardashians, if they weren’t already filthy rich, if they weren’t already well known through reality TV; do you believe there would be the level of success you seem to admire?

They were born on third base, they didn’t hit a triple

Not saying they didn’t work hard, but with their advantages, any successes are virtually meaningless

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Sure, you can say that about any successful people that didn’t start completely from ground up. But let’s be real, a sex tape doesn’t get you to where they are now. Nor does having a famous lawyer as a father. Nor does having a reality TV show. Nor does Nepotism.

These things can take you distances, but they don’t take you to the top. And they’re at the very top. So they’re doing something right.

For example, do you think Beyonce is less popular than Kylie Jenner? Yet Kylie is worth hundreds of millions more than Beyonce.

the sex tape was actually pretty boring

I disagree on the reality show, that is what put there name out there, free (actually paid them) for advertising. and sorry, Jenner, Kardashian - I didn’t know there was a difference

Yes, the show is what got the Kardiashian sisters famous. But when that show aired, the Jenner sisters were just kids.
So yes, they had some fame, but to build a makeup empire from that, or a modeling career, still takes talent.
Lots of rich people try to get into the makeup industry or have their kids be models. Few succeed. Let alone become the GOAT.

Kardashians are the initial 3 sisters from the OJ Simpson lawyer.

Jenners are the 2 sisters from Caitlyn Jenner. Much younger.

Certainly nothing like Paris Hilton’s.

Jenner’s kids were not on the show?