Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard

Anyone paying attention to this? I normally don’t care about pop culture or celebrity divorces. This seems to be important because it’s a publicized case of a man being abused by his wife. What are your thoughts?

Two rich, pretty and crazy actors split. Sounds like a train wreck. Beyond that I haven’t followed.

I feel pretty bad for JD in this whole thing. AH seems intent on destroying his life, and there’s evidence that backs that up. I think she’s done a lot of damage to his career even if the courts side with him.

Sadly I also think there are a lot of people who latch onto these situations and say, “see? This is why you shouldn’t believe women who claim they’ve been abused/assaulted/r*ped.”

So I don’t know what to do with that. I do believe it’s important to believe women. I don’t recall how I felt when this first came out, but I probably believed her. But I also know there are (I believe very few) times where that’s a mistake. I think it’s important to be able to change your mind when presented with the truth, and yeah…I don’t know about the rest. Still noodling through it.

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I am not a therapist, but you know the relationship is over when one person shits on the bed where the other person sleeps, and then leaves it there.


I believe we need to hear both sides of the story in all cases. Also in all cases there are 3 versions of the story. His version, her version, and the truth. This is why we have juries.


You should watch The Last Duel

Do you believe it’s important to believe men?

If they’re claiming they’ve been assaulted? Yes, of course. People don’t take male assault victims seriously enough.

Easier said than done imo. Have you tried not pooping in the bed? Get back to me when you manage to do that.

I’ve heard that it is rude to kink-shame…

I just read a story with the bullet below and initially read the bolded like JD was talking about the poop weighing 4 lbs. :laughing:

Heard blamed it on her dogs, but Depp said each weighed 4 pounds and couldn’t produce that much.

How many Courics is that?


A butt-load.


Speaking of this subject there is a great miniseries on Netflix called Anatomy Of A Scandal. My wife and I really enjoyed it.

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Maybe don’t marry women 22 years younger than you just because they are hot.

maybe marry whoever you want because age doesn’t matter. plenty of crazies around your age too. people are just crazy in general


I just started watching this recently! Seems good so far… was thinking I should unsubscribe from Netflix after being reminded how expensive it is but mid-way through this show so maybe after…

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Yeah based on Johnny’s relationship with his mother outlined in this trial he may not have a good barometer on what appropriate behavior is. Agree he made the marriage call with his eyes and not his brain though.

I am really surprised Hollywood bounced so quick on him. Every account I have ever heard of people meeting him was a good encounter. He was polite and kind and lot’s of people in KY have had encounters with him since he is from here. When his mom died he spent 2 or 3 months with her in a hospital in Lexington. My father has friend in the management of that hospital. That guy smokes cigarettes and Johnny also smokes so they kind of struck up a friendship of sorts at the outdoor smoking area of the hospital and he said Depp was always really kind and interested in chatting. Never acted like he was anything but a normal person. Said he definitely looked to be stoned from time to time, but nothing else out of the ordinary.

Seems like the consensus online is that Amber is a bitch

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