I've only seen it printed

Every now and then I’ll hear a word for the first time that I’ve only seen printed. Sometimes my mental pronunciation is wrong.

Like just the other day I actually heard someone say the word stymie, like I’ve seen it printed on probably hundreds of occasions so I’m surprised I hadn’t actually heard it in person. I guess the first syllable has a long i, huh.

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Also Toronto

I’ve been surprised when listening to audiobooks hearing a word pronounced differently than I thought. Some are words I’ve only seen printed but some I’ve (perhaps incorrectly) spoken too.

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My wife laughed at me the first time I pronounced “c’est la vie” with a hard t at the end.

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My wife once pronounced ‘Jimmy Buffet’ without the hard t. He really should open a ‘Jimmy’s Buffet.’


CS, have you ever tried the geoducks in Puyallup?


I assume your name has a silent t, and you are


uhhhhh what?

Google geoduck and report back. :popcorn:

Wait A Minute Meme Surprised Face GIF - Wait A Minute Meme Surprised Face GIFs|833x536.24375

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I was at restaurant this past weekend, here in Minneapolis, and there were servers talking about a recent “raw bar experience” where they had “jay-OH…somethings”

I then got to regale them with stories of growing up on the Hood Canal and my many adventures hunting geoducks as a youth.

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When I read Tom Clancy’s books years ago I never bothered to try and pronounce the russian names in my head. I recognized “that combination of letters is this person” and went with it.

I’ve been watching some youtube videos about Tolkien’s world and realized that I have been pronouncing a lot of the names in the Silmirilion wrong - mostly those that start with “C”. I’ve been using a soft C and I guess it should be a hard C.

been saying rendezvous exactly how it’s spelled until recently

i’m wondering why no one ever uses the word awry (pronounced awe ree) in real life

Portmanteau is a word I’ve literally never heard out loud.

Natalie pulling her luggage through an airport?