Israel - Hamas War October 2023

The thing about Phol Phot is that he killed the adults and intellectuals while conscripting the children (effectively making them child soldiers).

Thats why you end up with a lower % vs Gaza.

In Gaza, the IDF is effectively dropping massive bombs in a densely populated area with a high % of children.

Thats how you end up with a high % of children.

My history classes focused a lot on the American Revolution and Civil War, but as far as Native Americans went basically was “Trail of Tears and we did some other mean things”. Then it ended at WWII.

Not once through high school did I learn about the Vietnam War or really anything from 1945-1990 except a few facts like Nixon resigning.

I didn’t learn anything about Israel’s creation or Palestine until college. I figured Israel was just “around for an arbitrary length of time” like most countries.


I noticed this when I was in the US.

US History tends to be a bit “skewed” in this regard.

Not unexpected though.

WWII may have been important, but you’d think we would teach ANY US History from the 1960s-present. Nixon and Reagan had such a huge impact on the country still today. It’s irresponsible to ignore modern US history in childrens’ education. So much evil stuff happened in the past century that’s brushed under the rug as “a long-ago oopsie”, like Agent Orange.


I remember watching the director’s commentary on The Sound Of Music, and apparently when they’re at the market and Maria is juggling oranges and tosses some to the kids, the oranges are in a crate that is clearly labeled “product of Israel” or something similar and a photo was widely circulated criticizing the historical anachronism because of course Israel didn’t exist in 1939. And I was like “It didn’t? Really???” And looked up when it WAS created. Wow.

(And in defense of the movie, they knew darn well that Israel didn’t exist in 1939 and at no point in the actual film do you see anything about Israel, just in photos that were taken on set, because yes, the actual oranges that they used in 1965 during filming did come from Israel.)

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Sound of Music was shot in Salzburg, Austria.

So could totally see that happening.

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It’s always in the curriculum and they intend to teach it. They just get hung up on the Revolution, Civil War, and WWII and run out of time. In nearly every history class in nearly every high school in America.

And for my money we spent WAY more time on pre-Revolution stuff than was necessary or helpful. In 5th grade US history, 7th grade geography, 8th grade US history, 11th grade US history we had to map out all of the Native American tribes and know the leaders of each and lots of stuff about them (which ones lived in teepees vs longhouses and what they ate and how they hunted) … all stuff that was interesting, sure. But maybe just one time we could have skipped that stuff in order to get to 1946 & beyond instead of covering that same material 4 different times and ALWAYS neglecting the second half of the 20th century. :woman_shrugging:


Oh yeah… I forgot we did have to map out the Native American tribes. But we never learned what happened to those tribal lands or peoples :person_shrugging: Guess they decided to move.

Eh, we learned a little more than that… at least that they were forced onto reservations. A bit light on the atrocities, for sure, although some acknowledgment that it wasn’t all fun & games.

But yeah, I was certainly an adult when I learned how Israel came into existence because apparently it’s better to cover Native American history four times and 1945-1990 zero times.

My kids are getting a better education than I did in elementary school about what actually happened to the Native Americans and how vibrant their culture was. So I think things may be improving, at least in some states.


6th grade: Social Studies had a book about a family who moved cross-country to like New Mexico and Arizona and we learned about Native American tribes there and their cultures and such. I want to say it was a full-year class on that stuff.

High school: “Native Americans were here, then we pushed them west because Manifest Destiny - and they suffered along the way, but Go America.”

I think U.S. History ended at WWII. Going to be honest, I don’t recall a lot of it because we spent the first semester doing pre-Civil War, the 3rd quarter doing the Civil War, then the 4th quarter was “yeah, and then some other stuff happened” and by that point I’d spent much of the year reading through the book and learning about U.S. history stuff on my own and learning a hell of a lot more.

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My teacher started the section of the (fighting part of the) civil war by saying “The North won, moving on to reconstruction.”

Better? Probably. Different, absolutely. My kids are all in college or beyond but were in HS within the last 10 years where American History was covered. Some of the things we covered in HS in great detail, they skimmed over, other things we never even got to, they covered pretty well.

I’m pretty sure we got very little American History after WW2 or at most the mid-50s when took it back in the 80s. They got a lot farther into the future than we did but cover all the material we did from earlier times in nearly as much depth. Don’t know if that’s good or bad.

I think overall, they got a “better” view of AM history than we were taught but we actually had a really good history teach in HS who covered quite a bit more than what was just in the text book.


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I feel like the vast majority of the useful education of the Civil War can be boiled down into 1 week. [Slavery/State’s Rights] (North/South of Mason-Dixon Line) was the cause, here’s Davis and Lincoln and Lee and a couple big battles, Harriet Tubman, this is what happened after. Moving on!

There are obviously other things of value, but much is more valuable for a child’s limited time in class.

Sorry that I contributed toward derailment. Point being that I didn’t learn shit about Israel. I’d bet a large number of blind supporters also believe that Israel has been occupied by Jews since the Old Testament.


Yeah, my AP US History class spent wwwwwaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much time on the Civil War.

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US actions in Cambodia facilitated Pol Pot’s regime of terror. This article summarizes how American policy on Cambodia as developed by Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixon helped enable the rise of the Khmer Rouge.

Was the Kissinger/Nixon interference in Chile or in any other countries discussed in US history class?

Sorry for adding to this diversion.

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Neither Nixon nor Kissinger was active in a time period that I studied through high school. If it wasn’t in the past decade or 80+ years ago, it wasn’t taught.

But my school also had daily chapel, so very possible a secular high school would have more time.

The “chapel” thing largely depends ln the denomination of the school no?

We had weekly chapel in Canada (Anglican school)

Its much less common in Europe.