Israel - Hamas War October 2023

That was essentially my intent when speculating “If I had to guess at the perpetrators of an infiltration scheme”, though I never claimed that Israel did any such thing. Just thinking who would have the most to gain in making protesters against Israel look bad. My hypothetical was taken into isolation, though, and was never a real claim.

I remember when stuff happened and no one thought, “I bet someone planted folks in the middle of that to make it worse than it should have been” and we accepted that it was just some random assholes being assholes.


Oh, this was assholes being assholes. They were just getting online encouragement and some indirect funding from Iran.

Well, it does solve some unemployment issues of the assholes, because they cannot otherwise get jobs because they are assholes.

Biden killing it with the job creation. Even has Iran subsidizing those employment numbers.


That’s the good thing about supervillains - they provide employment for lots of assholes.

If you’re an asshole at high school, the career adviser could say “Have you thought about becoming a henchman for a supervillain. You’re well-suited and it pays good money (before you all go to jail, that is)”

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Imo, that one random “kill the hostages” sign did more for the Israeli cause than months of pro-Israel marches. It landed on the national news, and had some impact on the opinions of average American voters.

Normal protests don’t really matter or sway anyone. But psychos really shape the conversation. You can see it play out in this thread even.

It’s possible that Iran stupudly backed that guy, but it would have made practical sense for Israel to have done so.


In other news, Israeli forces found a Hamas weapons cache at UNRWA headquarters in Gaza City.

Header in the article notes that this is day 280 of the war. :cry:

I’m glad they’re making life difficult for Hamas, but the collateral damage is just so high…

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Yes, the collateral damage is high, because Hamas still uses civilians for cover.

One of the Arab leaders in Trans-Jordan back in the '20s said that they would prefer to take 100 years to make the desert bloom to working with Jews to do it then. Congratulations, they’ve exceeded their goal.

My God, all of this has been so unnecessary.

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