Is White Supremacy a serious threat to the US, or is saying so a "darndest thing"?

Yup, nothing to worry about with those white supremacists

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What’s the last time an American was attacked by a non-American terrorist? I’m sure it’s happened lately. I thought about Jamal Kashoggi being murdered abroad, but I thought he was an American citizen and he was not (permanent resident). I would still consider that terrorism, albeit via a government.

I can’t find recent reporting but as of 2017, between 2008 and 2016, 58% of all terrorist threats to Americans were linked to far-right movements (largely specifically white supremacy). 32% were related to Islam, and the remainder were far-left movements.

The Islamic attacks did result in a few more deaths than far-right in aggregate. However, given trends since 2017 to present, I find it plausible that white supremacy is the foremost threat to American lives.

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The only groups that i am personally worried about are the right wing ones. They are the reason my temple has added enough security that we all pay a security surcharge, and need to be buzzed in for most events.


we need to be buzzed in for all events, even Friday night services.

we only get security for High Holidays and advertised events (fund raisers)
Luckily we have a Police station less than a block away and they position a patrol car for services, he acts as a crossing guard as well.

However, I don’t believe anyone would stop a motivated gunman, as they will take out the security first.

I have no fear of the Muslim’s who live in my area.


Ditto. The only threat to my temple is from white supremacists.


Every time I drive by CFH*, I wonder if they’re practicing in there to respond to my town’s possibly first ever “Pride” event coming up. J2 is worried about the possibility of violence. It’s not my scene, but I hope everyone who chooses to participate is safe and enjoys.

  • CFH = Confederate Flag House

Make sure to include Ranger claiming that White Supremacy is not an issue that concerns him…

I actually looked into this a bit for some work in a consulting role. White Supremacy terrorism is a bigger threat because they commit more terrorist acts in America. Foreign terrorists are certainly scarier to most, but it’s not very easy for a scary terrorist from wherever to even get to the US.

The University of Maryland has a whole database of terrorism event data I’d done some work with which bears it out:


I’m sure it’s very important to them. For some it’s their raison d’etre

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or because most people are less afraid of those who look like them and pray like them

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Another depressing part of that… we did some work on estimating the risk of active shooter coverage. The FBI maintains a bunch of data on that which is super convenient. Anyway, the volume of mass shootings is sufficient that you can estimate how many mass shootings you can expect to see in a year with a pretty small margin of error, law of large numbers and all that.

I am surprised, as I would think the number is trending at an increasing rate, unless that pattern is predictable too.

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This was 3 or so years ago so maybe there has been an inflection since then. From what I recall the rate had been pretty stable for many years, then there was a period of significant increase and then it was pretty stable since then.

What’s crazy to me is that even with the massive uptick over the last couple of years (order of 50% increase over 2 years in some cities), homicide rates are still lower now than when I was a kid.

Star Wars influence?

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Perhaps it’s related to the push to onshore manufacturing - “We should be producing our own solar cells”. “We should be producing our own terrorists”.

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Well, this does align with their “America First” platform.


It’s all good. I just talked to a black coworker yesterday who was reconsidering a vacation to Florida because she felt like it wouldn’t be safe for her and her children, but yeah, everything is fine. I mean 99% of white Republicans don’t think it’s a problem so basically no one is concerned about this.

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Some US data:

Source (which includes link for methodology):

I wonder how they separate Religious from Right Wing