Is Tipping a city in China?

There’s a fast casual restaurant that I used to like a lot, but it’s gone downhill.

They have started to pre-prepare food prior to lunch and dinner rush periods, so the food is often somewhat “stale” by the time I am there at noon or 6pm.

Anyhow, they have added a “tip question” to the checkout process, and it is so funny how the checkout person always directs the customer to the high tech scam screen with “The checkout screen will now ask you a question” and the question is “Will you give us MORE money?”

I hate being asked for a tip for fast food and I hate being asked to tip BEFORE my food service is completed. I don’t want them to have the opportunity to spit in my food if I decide not to tip.

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Our local family run pizza place knows us. Whenever I go there, they clear the tip option before I pay. I would tip them, but it’s nice that they do that.

We have a new Indian place in town I’ve been at, run by another local family. They don’t clear the tip, and I do tip. I guess I don’t mind because it’s a local business run by locals. I’m a lot less.likely to tip on takeout if it’s a chain run by someone who live 200 miles away.


i use my judgment. If a restaurant is underpriced I tip more. If it is overpriced I tip less

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I hate tipping

With that being said I routinely tip $20 for a $40 dinner for 2 at Chili’s without batting an eye

But when I’ve already spent $300 on food and drink at a steakhouse for 2. The thought of having to tip $50 to not look like a cheap ass really tears me up inside. It’s not like they worked any harder than the tattooed ex crack head at Chili’s

Btw the 2 for $26 deal at Chili’s is amazing. I love the riblet platter with waffle fries and coleslaw. My wife gets the chicken salad. And we share an order of onion rings. A great meal for about $30 + tip

I’m in these camps. I’ve got a handful of restaurants that are locally owned by some really great people, and I tip more at those places. Look, if you’re selling me delicious tacos for $1.50, I’m not gonna skimp on a 15% tip.

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This is why you keep popping up in the $1,000,000 thread.

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I love money, fast women, and fast food

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Time to stop going to places that extort a tip.
And, you need to build a bandwagon so others can join on.

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FTR, I never tip at a coffee shop; exspecially Starbux.

OK, I think I can agree with this.

No tipping if I have to pay for a meal before I get it.

I’d also like to know:

  1. Why a tip?
  2. How is it distributed?
  3. Are these employees paid less because tips exist?
  4. Do these employees’ W-2’s include 10% of bills for tips?

But, it’s just easier to stop going to places that ask for a tip prior to receiving any service beyond taking money. Honestly, I don’t have to eat at F-F restaurants. Heck, I’d be more willing to publicly (friends, the local newspaper, etc.) tout places that don’t include the question of tips on the screen. It will be, in my city, probably two or three places total.
Heck, even the local B-R asks for a tip AND they have a bucket of bills for tips. I give “no tip” on screen, and a buck for the bucket (and make sure they see that I contribute – I’m no George). So, I need more ones on me at all times.

Or, is it impossible for the restaurant to exclude that question because it’s baked in?

Also, I’m fucking ordering take-out so I DON’T HAVE to tip!!

I normally tip 5-10% for takeout. One place in town recently implemented a mandatory 18% tip, even for takeout. And yeah, I stopped going there, it wasn’t that good.

I still want to ask those questions above for takeout, but I’m guessing the person at the counter has no idea or don’t think they are authorized to answer. So, maybe tomorrow, as that is my normal faster-food night, I’ll ask for a manager and ask those questions.

It would be less specific to your area, but I bet if you asked those questions on the r/serverlife sub (I think that’s the right one) you’d get a lot of responses.

Regardless of their personal stories, it is not my responsibility to keep businesses open if they practice extortion. Again, I do not HAVE to eat at F-F restaurants. I have plenty of food at home (until the supermarket starts asking for tips at the self-checkout).
Also, I don’t find Reddit to be a not-sucky place.

I can understand this mentality, but a tip should only ever be going to the workers (the “locals” who work there) and not the proprietor. Does it always work that way in practice? I can’t say. But the owner of the establishment shouldn’t impact the tip.

I live in a tiny rural town so the owners are the workers or their family.
The pizza place we frequent, it’s the owner, her husband, and some.combination if their three daughters slinging pizzas.
The Indian place, it’s the owner and his wife doing the work. And I’m guessing other family members since it’s.mostly indian folks in the back, and there’s not many Indian folks I. Town to hire.

Otoh the pizza pizza in town is run by an absentee owner from Toronto and my best guess is, the staff are from a neighbouring city. They don’t give a.crap.about anything, and I don’t.frequent that place anyway.

Sure, I get that. But if one of the daughters was working at the pizza shop instead of their family’s restaurant, they wouldn’t get a tip? Is that because you’re not convinced they are getting a fair wage at the family’s restaurant, and they are at the pizza joint?

Cool beans about living in a small town, the guy that runs the Indian food place is also a local councillor so we bullshit about politics when I go in.

Well then, start interviewing local managers I guess. I’m not quite annoyed enough to do that much legwork.

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