We are a long-time Android family. But my wife has been talking about wanting an Apple watch for a while, and I think she is going to make the switch to Apple. She really likes the idea of seeing texts and who is calling without getting out the phone. So the question is, which level iPhone does she need to get?

She isn’t a techie, and she doesn’t do any gaming. So pretty much calling, web browsing, and facebook (and Apple watch stuff). But she also wouldn’t be replacing it with a newer phone in just a year or two.

I expect that means an iPhone 12 would be plenty for her needs. But what about the iPhone 11 or SE? Are those still decent phones that someone would be happy with for 3 years, or are they the equivalent of minimum spec Android phones that drive you crazy?

Anything special we need to be considering? It seems like the model changes are mostly incremental bumps to processors and cameras, but maybe I’m missing something.

Just some random thoughts…

I can’t answer your question directly because I’m just not into all of the details.

The fact of the matter is, except for screen size, I’d pretty much still be happy with my iphone X…or 6…except that the battery on each of them was getting to be so that the phone wouldn’t even function without being plugged in for half the day.

I have the 12ProMax now & just don’t know enough (nor am I motivated enough) to take advantage of everything it has to offer.

Oh, the camera is really impressive to me, in particular low-light shots…and I’m saying that as a non-camera-phile regular joe on the street (I don’t know what a professional photographer would say about it).

The Apple Watch. She doesn’t need to get a new phone for the watch to work. It is just another bluetooth device.

However, if she wants to make a total switch because she wants a new phone, I have a 1.5 yo SE that I don’t notice any issues with. I think my youngest has a 6 that I think is closer to 3 years old (could be even older, she buys her own phones so I don’t pay attention) and I haven’t heard her comment about looking at new phones yet.

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Isn’t an Apple watch pretty much useless if you don’t have an iPhone to pair it to?

Apparently you are correct.

I had a 6S for 4-5 years with no problems, upgraded to the SE2 last year which was a stemless transition and I expect to keep it for a similar timeframe. I have no need for the fanciest features and the SE has plenty of power for half the cost.

I have an SE, ‘cause cheap. I do not have an Apple Watch, for the same reason.

Why not just get an Android watch? I have the Samsung watch and it has the functionality she is looking for paired with an Android.


I suppose that’s a possibility. She’s gotten stung on a couple Fitbits that claimed to do what she wanted, but then it turned out that the phone she had wasn’t one that was specifically supported and it wouldn’t work.

From what I’ve read, Samsung watches are the only ones that come close to Apple watch-type functionality. But some models only work with Samsung phones, and other models have limited functionality with non-Samsung.

At this point, I think she wants something that just works. And for all the complaints you might have about Apple stuff, they just work, for the most part.

Does she want the watch MORE for fitness tracking or for smart watch things. Does she care how smart her phone is?

If it’s fitness, I’d seriously consider the Garmin line. For the price you get Smart watch stuff that works fine with Android and the fitness stuff is generally better. But they are ugly, except for the Lily, which doesn’t have a strap size long enough for my fat/big boned wrist.

If it’s Smart Watch stuff but she doesn’t need the smartest phone, I’d go the SE route for the phone. I’d personally get the newest model or go back maybe one model but not more, bc ios is always getting updated and eventually it’s not gonna work well with the older models. JMO. I have the 13 mini and it’s honestly not much different than my 7 except that the battery life is way way better and the camera is nicer. Everything else feels the same but it may be doing something different inside. If she wants a nicer camera this is a good choice as well.

It’s primarily for the reading text messages and seeing who’s calling part.

I have an Amazfit GTS 2 that does those things, didn’t require an additional iphone purchase :laughing: It also lets me answer calls from my watch when I’ve misplaced my phone - but it’s still within some reasonable distance. This happens way more than it should, I forget my phone in random places throughout the house 3-4x a week.

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Agree, look into this option first. Considerations: the Samsung watches are probably better than Android Wear powered devices. But the Samsung watches also disable some features if you do not use a Galaxy smartphone. Anyway, I have a Galaxy Watch Active 2, it works great paired with a Galaxy S20+.