Installing Linux

At some point some where @SpaceLobster suggested that, since I can’t windows-update my old laptop anymore, that I should install Linux on there.

“Great idea!” I thought…but I suck at life, so I can’t figure out how to install linux.

I tried following the instructions here: have ubuntu on a thumbdrive, but the Rufus part doesn’t work for me.

I’m ready to give up.

Is there an easy way to install & run linux?

FWIW, this is on a Thinkpad T430.

Pretend you’re SpaceLobster’s son.


You shouldn’t need Rufus. Download ubunto iso. Then use some windows utility to burn a bootable thumb drive from an ISO. Rufus may do that but I would think there’s something native to windows that will work.
Then just boot on the thumb drive and let it rip. It’ll work perfectly on that Machine.

Try downloading windows usb/dvd download tool. That should work.
Rufus should work but I think it’s dated and complex.

Of course Ubuntu has native software that does this. Sigh.

i tried installing linux mint, and it looked great at first, but then I tried to figure out how to use WINE from instructions on the web and it was just way over my head

Dont use wine. Install virtual box with guest additions which will give you a virtual machine. Then install a real copy of windows inside the virtual machine.

That lets you run Windows as an app, or inside a Linux window.

You can also set up a shared folder inside virtual box, letting you share files between the two operating systems.

I am going to wait for the summary post :slight_smile:


And we use ubuntu, which is IMO where most beginners should start. INstalls easily, looks like windows for the most part. Updates are done automatically and continually. and if you need an app, generally it’s available in a repository - you just go to the software repository app, type in the name of the program you’re looking for, and click install.

i ended up just downloading and installing the oem software back on my machine. It’s just too technical how to do these things

I don’t understand 90% of this thread. Probably why I didn’t survive long as a computer science major.

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Wife is going to watch the SoTU tonight, so I’m going to give this another go. Wish me luck. :crossed_fingers:

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Fyi, that’s how I feel about windows. I hate installing it, it’s a complete pita.


I googled “windows usb/dvd download tool” it brought me to Windows USB/DVD Download Tool - Microsoft Store, and I’m thinking, “Great! It’s going to give me exactly what I need!”

When I click on " 1. Click to open the Windows USB/DVD Download Tool page." it brings me to a 404 page.
Just keep swimming…just keep swimming…

From How to Burn ISO to USB
Gonna try

…so far…so good…getting that iso properly burned :fire: onto my usb as I post.

It took me a while to figure out how to boot from the usb (on this lenoveo t430) but I finally figured it out.

ubuntu is installing…

Check finished. Errors found in 19 files! You might encounter errors! :omgwtfbbq:

You’ll get errors
. Just ignore them.
Download updates as you install as well, and let it do the default partitioning.

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Installation is complete. You need to restart the computer in order to use the new installation.
[Restart Now]


Hard Disk Problems Detected.
A hard disk is likely to fail soon.

That’s okay…it just got wiped by the installation…ain’t nuthin’ on there anymores.