Installing Linux

Well, well, well… here’s my first post via firefox on ubuntu.

I did it. Yay!

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When I try to install Folding @ Home, I see these options:

Debian / Mint / Ubuntu

…I tried “Open with Software Install (default)” but I get “Failed to Install file: not supported”

…somehow it brought me to an installation screen though, and now it appears to be installed.

What’s the deal with installing software on ubuntu?

Norma!!y you either do what you did, download and install. Or if it’s in the general Ubuntu repositories, you just go into the software library and find it there. I.e Ubuntu has an installed software app that has a huge library of apps.

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hope you stick with it. The only thing I was able to do was use firefox.

That’s about all I’ll do with it as well…I have a capable windows-laptop that serves all of my needs…this is an uncapable windows-laptop that now runs on linux. It’s just a spare at this point. Wife may use it to watch some netflix or amazon prime when the TV has trouble picking up the internet connection. Otherwise, I’ll just use it to find a cure for cancer and maybe some other stuff.

Here you go…


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Honeslty though, what else do people really use a laptop for these days?
Browser - 90%
Email and calendar (and there’s apps for that in linux) - 9%
A bit of word processing and spreadsheet stuff maybe, (and there’s free apps for that on linux) - 1%.
I think most people don’t run ‘apps’ on their laptop. And for the few that do, many of those apps have a free counterpart on linux.
The only thing I have to fire up on windows is industry illustration software.And even that’s disappearing in that form.

i agree. But there was this one game i wanted to run through the website Steam. I thought with just the browser it would work, but no dice. I don’t even play the game much, but it bothered me.

The biggest positive i thought was things would run faster, but they didn’t

I think there’s steam for linux,and many games are available.

I would guess that @Lucy would know about this…

Wait… misread the title. Never mind.

As it happens, I do know, however. Yes, Steam runs on Linux, and there are a lot of games that work. But not as many as work on Windows.

yep, found that out first hand