Trying to not pick up my phone when I wake up at night.

BUT I have been taking a single (half dose) Tylenol OM at night to help me sleep. I still wake up and some nights are still short but in general I’m able to get back to sleep. I even logged some 8 hour nights last weekend. I was planning to go back to my dr recommended melatonin this 3 day weekend but my therapist (who regularly reminds me she is not a doctor) suggested just staying on the Tylenol PM since I have a sleep dr appt in 2 weeks. Then they can yell at me if they don’t want me on it but also, hopefully offer some solutions?

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I do this too although more often than not an Ibuprofen PM.

I kind of rotate between melatonin, half dose of Ibuprofen PM if my back or neck is bothering me or a half dose of Acetaminophen PM if I have a headache.

My doc says this is fine. :woman_shrugging:

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Sunday scaries got me again.


That’s enough for me. And a day or two of 6 hours is okay, but it catches up to me. But you are in a better position to know how much sleep you need than your doctor is, and people vary as to how much sleep they need.

I’ve been having trouble getting enough sleep because of itching. My crotch has been really itchy, and nothing but steroids helped, and i try not to use steroids too often. It’s been really frustrating.

But the lauder detergent I’ve been using was just discontinued and i tried something else. And no itching. Holy shit, i thought it was related to getting old, but it may have just been a chemical sensitivity. I stayed up too late last night, but i slept well once i went to bed. Looking forward to getting enough sleep tonight.

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Now that I’ve had 6 nights in a row of 7 or more, including one night of almost 9, I am finally starting to feel ready to get up when I wake up. Last night I didn’t wake up once after falling asleep. That is unusual for me.


Been an emotional 24 hours and now I can’t sleep :pensive:


That’s the worst kind of insomnia. :people_hugging:

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Thanks. It’s been a rough 36 hours.


Wide awake when I should be asleep


Woke up around 5am. Finally got up after an hour of tossing and turning.

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