I would love nothing more than to sleep with one leg out but THE DAMN CATS (they like to bop my feet, claws out).

Separate rooms ftw.

Meeting went okay. I have a headache and more work to do.


Why am I still struggling to sleep? Brains are stupid sometimes.

Compromise was comforter off, throw blanket on. Wish the bedroom was cold enough for comforter and throw blanket on. I’ve considered a weighted blanket.

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Cats. Sleep. Pick 4.

I took care of a time-sensitive task first thing, then went back to bed for 1.5 hours. Dragging but sadly have to GAF.


5 kittehs, 1 cage. :+1:

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Seems like I’m 3 for 3.

Can’t wait to get up before dawn with the kid.[/s]

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But, WHY though.

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Pretty certain my current issues are hormone related. Sent a message to my gyn via the portal bc I don’t want to go back if she’s gonna ignore me again. If she ignores me, I guess I’ll be shopping for a new dr.

yeah, insomnia is a peri-menopause symptom.

doctors suck. mine mostly ghosted me over my fatigue issues. i think most of them are incompetent.

So she doubled the amount of hormone she prescribed last fall and overall it may be helping. It looks like I’m averaging 7.5 hrs instead of 6-6.5 and my short nights are 6 instead of 5.

Here’s hoping this continues.


It’s really weird how in my perimenopause group HRT is like a cure-all for so many things.

Yeah, the weird thing is I’ve had sleep issues forever but I’m pretty sure I haven’t been in perimenopause forever.

I think I have a lot of little things that are just a tad off and they impact my sleep. I just found out that my red blood cell count is a bit high and that can cause sleep issues or be caused by sleep issues. But this time last year my sleep issues were bad enough that I mentioned it to my dr and my red blood cells weren’t high at that time.

both men and women should be on HRT after 35

why would women need to be on HRT after 35 if they aren’t perimenopausal? It would be useless and likely give them cancer.


So much for getting better. This morning I was awake 1:30-4:30. Can I call in tired?

Also why do I suddenly need a fan in the winter? Is the new hormone causing that, or was it gonna happen anyway?


Sounds like hot flashes