I’m so tired. So freaking tired. I’ve been dragging all week but struggling to fall asleep at night. Tomorrow, I need to be out the door at 7:45 AM, which means I need to be awake in about 7 hours. My body needs at least 10 to feel rested, and this week I’ve been averaging closer to 6-7. It is going to be a very snoozy weekend.

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This is not normal.

It actually isn’t outside the range of normal. 8 a night is a myth, certainly not universal. I’ve always needed 9–10.


I’m starting to wonder if my tired disease that seems to be coming back is due to not getting this 9-10 hours of sleep and my body saying fuck you to me for months as a result even if I get it once in a while. i really don’t know and doctors have found zero wrong with me to explain it, but here I am feeling like I’m going to pass out even though my blood work is pristine.

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And the amount of sleep required is certainly tied to age as well so as we age our sleep needs will increase.

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I’ve also noticed that sleep is less fungible than it used to be. Not only does mid-40s me require more sleep than early-20s me, but it needs to be more evenly distributed.

In college I probably slept 49 hours a week. But not 7 hours a night. It was more like five nights of sleeping 5 hours a night followed by two nights of sleeping 12 hours. That worked just fine for college me. It would not remotely work for mid-40s me.

wait what? I thought it’s the opposite.

My grandparents barely slept. And I’ve heard people say the same about theirs. They fall asleep watching TV, sure. But through the night not as much

Really? My grandparents slept a lot and my mother sleeps 10-11 hours a day which she never used to do. My stepmom has commented that my dad is sleeping a lot more than he used to.

google tells me you need the same amount of sleep as you age. you just tend to have more issues falling asleep.

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hmm now that I think about it, I think they just went to sleep early and woke up early too.

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Life takes more out of me in my 30’s than it did in my 20’s. I can do a lot less with a full tank of gas, for sure.

I also can’t get away with pulling all nighters anymore. It takes me days to recover from a crap night of sleep, can’t bounce back. Aging sucks, but it’s better than the alternative.

Is it bad that i feel productive because i got useful stuff done when i woke up needing to pee?

I need less sleep now than when i was young, but yes, it’s harder to bounce back from disruptions in my sleep schedule. So i plan around getting enough sleep more than i used to, despite sleeping fewer total hours.

definitely hard to go clubbing now compared to just a few years ago.

1 night of no sleep = weeks of recovery

If Ambien can’t knock you out anymore - what will?

Really, I would like to know.


4 hours is not enough sleep.

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This was me months ago.

Ambien becomes useless if you abuse it. And I got kinda addicted to its hallucigenic effects.

Melatonin makes me drowsy, but doesn’t necessarily put me to sleep.

If you want a surefire way to go to bed, xanax is your only option.

But more importantly, wean yourself off ambien for it to gain effect again.

My anxiety meds seem to have calmed my sleep schedule… only one of the cats that screams at 4 AM wakes me up now, but I’m actually able to sleep.


Well I don’t think I’m gonna add Xanax to my already dangerously high dosage of Effexor - but weaning off the Ambien seems fine enough.


Shouldn’t’ve had that coffee so late in the day. :coffee: