If it’s xanax you’re on, that’s not a long term solution. I hope you’re on blood pressure meds at least.

Not insomnia, just working late. About to log off, hope sleep comes quickly.

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Bupropian (Wellbutrin) and another med that is as-needed up to 3x/day. I’ve taken the as-needed at bed recently, plus today I was having an anxiety attack so I took one. It’s a drowsy medicine though, I’m trying to limit it.


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I’m up at 5 today woot

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It didn’t feel like I slept much after 2:30. Fun times.

Continued sleeping most of most nights under Bupropian and Hyroxyzine. Can’t say the anxiety is all gone, but sleeping is amazing. Sleeping pills and cannabis did little, the anxiety meds did.

Is 7 consecutive hours of sleep too much to ask?

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6 hours of non-consecutive sleep was too much to ask.

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I rarely get this. I usually need to get up at least twice to pee. Been like this since kidhood.

i’d get more sleep if the cunt bitch upstairs wouldn’t wake me up early in the morning with that annoying sweeping noise she does while walking. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? i have to get up and shove earplugs in my ears. i’ll probably wind up with hearing damage with my already not great hearing.

Why I no sleep?

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Grrr, no sleep last night. In bed by 11, had a Benedyrl-like anxiety med. By 3 AM said screw it, got up, took a sleeping pill and a weed gummy and smoked a bowl. Maybe slept around 4-5 AM, then as often happens when I get next to no sleep, ended up puking after breakfast.

lol. I live

Slept better today. I think I know how to proceed, still was only 3.5 hours tonight but that’s much better.

More shit sleep. Sleep tracker tells me about the same as Rastiln.

btw. weed can affect your sleep quality as well

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Yeah I do know but thank you. I don’t usually use during the day. Only when I’m expecting to be in public for extended periods like a wedding/play/concert, it calms my stomach / my nerves, which trigger my stomach. It’s a bad feedback loop of stomach pain makes me nervous which threatens to set it all off.

I usually have a bit like 1/2 hour before bed, then immediately before. Just a pinch. There’s many more factors (like medicine) to this but I used to get up 2-4x/night with urgent diarrhea. Now it’s rare, maybe 1x/week.

It shouldn’t be daily use, but I bought a product called Zzquil, which is Nyquil without the medicine, just the knockout. All normal things apply, use the dosage, don’t use with alcohol.

It doesn’t get me through the night, but if I am still up at 1 AM, I say screw it, take a dose and usually feel it kicking in with 30 minutes. Or if I am going to bed at 8 PM because I know I have to be up at 3 AM, etc.