The innumeracy is that they called .100 a millisecond. I don’t care whether you put a 0 before the decimal or not it is 0.100 or .100 is not a millisecond. It is 100 milliseconds but that is not what they said.

the rule as is is dumb.

he did not start early to any human eye, trained or otherwise. the runners who just bust out visibly, i can see getting DQ’s on 1. those out with this technical “early reaction time” should get a 2nd. and that assumes the threshold makes sense.

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You learn something new everyday. An alarm set to go off before you do . . .


Th ere used to be a “report incorrect information “ button on Amazon but I don’t see it on the app



The cooking oil she uses daily went from $11 per gallon to $26. A case of raw chicken went from $15 before the pandemic to $125 currently.

From what I have been able to find, a case of chicken is 40lbs. So the price per pound went from 0.375 to 3.125.

Now I’m beginning to wonder if the lady said 50 to 125 and the reporter misunderstood the accent?

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$15 for 40 pounds is cheaper than bottled water. Walmart is charging $29 for 40 half-liters (approx 1.1 pounds x 40) of bottled water.

What does pi and the golden ratio have ANYTHING to do with each other?

They are both numbers?

There’s some fun geometry in there. Basically pi is like the limit of the golden ratio when you use more sides in your polygon.

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