Inebriated Thoughts





:tumbler_glass: :cut_of_meat:


Top ramen ingested.

How about @Echo??? Did you get her a treat???

She’s sleeping.

:sleeping: :dog:


My husband likes his with Italian dressing and ranch dressing mixed together.

I have regrets.

Is there a Regretful Thoughts thread here or did it die with the AO?

I can’t decide if that sounds great or gross. Would try.

He made me try it once. We have different opinions on it.


Would probably lead to the “why do you do that to your stomach” conversation.

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Now that he has discovered black vinegar, and we get the frozen ramen from Costco $3/bowl, so about 12x more expensive, he makes that combo. But the cheap ramen still gets the gross salad dressing combo.

If the heart can want what it wants, so can the stomach.

@Echo: Who’s a kyootie patootie??? Are you a kyootie patootie??? OF COURSE YOU ARE!!!


I love :coconut: :fried_shrimp: