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The Bible had plenty of it, so we’re still prudes compared to that bygone era.

Don’t get me started about Zeus


I’m pretty sure my cats are siblings. I got them neutered because the idea of them having demon spawn grossed me out.

your cats like likely demon spawns themselves

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Consensual is the key. Power dynamics with a family create significant strain on what constitutes consensual. What happens between competent, independent consenting adults should be no one else’s business or be considered immoral.

  • Competent: they have the facility to make a decision of consent.
  • Independent: the decision of consent is not compromised by conditions that would significantly bias the decision.
  • Consenting: each person understands the nature of the agreement and has the ability to change their level of agreement.

The moral argument against the above is authoritarian in nature. Allowing consent to drive the morality of a behavior shifts the power to the people away from those seeking to use a moral code to control the people.


I’d argue that the control group for this is not that there’s no power dynamics.

One can argue that there’s uneven power dynamics in all heteronormative relationships, or in all relationships (normally one is more dominant, and one is more passive/submissive). So incestuous relationships only need to not have more uneven power dynamics compared to non-incestuous relationships, and not the absence of power dynamics at all.

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update - still gross

(i thought deeply about it this time)


I don’t think anyone has argued otherwise. Not the point of the thread unfortunately.

No, it is not more acceptable in the real world outside of fiction because it is gross

That’s how people felt and still feel about gay sex and transgender people. Not really an argument.

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Then those things arent acceptable to those people either

When it comes to bumping uglies, “gross”, “wrong”, and “not my thing” all mean different things despite some folks’ best efforts to conflate those opinions.

Yup, there’s a long stretch missing between “it’s gross” and “it should be illegal”

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Your opening post doesnt ask if it should be illegal. I answered your opening post which asked if people are more accepting.


What I meant was if the general populace is more accepting. Not at the individual level. Even a homophobic person must recognize that society is more accepting of gay sex nowadays.

Could be, though I’m not seeing the demand?

There’s twinporn, but it’s probably not everyday that super sexy identical twins both want to have sex with you and each other.

And Humbert-Humbert type stuff, but the incest element is secondary to the pedo stuff.