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Seems like more and more shows and books are incorporating this into their plot, and people are getting more and more excited about it.

Is society more accepting of incest now? They’ve always been secretly accepting of it in the p0rn world. Maybe people are finally coming out of the closet.

It’s the wearing down of the moral code.

Over the years, as less-taboo situations get into the mainstream, more taboo subjects take their place.

People get titillated by slightly taboo subjects. As formerly scandalous entertainment became everyday occurrences, something a little more serious takes it’s place.

Years ago, any skin above a woman’s ankle made a lot of people blush. Then movies and photographs made them seem commonplace. Move on to more overt ‘love making’: holding hands, kissing on screen. Then those things by non-married folks. Implication of intercourse, then outright mentioning it to showing couples in bed together, to showing them naked afterward, to doing it under the covers to semi-nude scenes to outright banging on film. Intermixed in all that is mixed race couplings.

Not many people think twice about sex scenes in movies any more. Even gay sex is around. Trans sex slowly but surely, too.

Next logical step, other than with animals or corpses, is intra-family sex.

A lot of people don’t live on the edge of what acceptable, but don’t seem to mind peering over the edge from time to time to get their jollies.

But the thing is, these things have always been around. We know this because what’s popular in p0rn has never been what’s socially accepted, so there’s a disconnect there.
The only change is that people are more willing to talk about them, and not kink shame.
To me that’s a good thing.

There are degrees as to what socially acceptable. And as moral codes continue recede in prudishness, the behaviours just over the line are just a little bit exotic, spine-tingling. You get that little bit of naughtiness rush when you think about them or see or read about them.

After a while, if experienced enough (seeing, reading, hear the act, if not actually committing it), it becomes part of everyday life.\

Divorce is a common one.

Many years ago, it was literally a sin, and excommunicable act in many cultures, to get divorced. After a while, people still did it, and slowly but surely, divorced people staying in the social circles, though it was still frowned upon. After a while, as people’s moral curtains parted more and more, the idea of divorce, though unpalatble to many became accepted. Then it became a Seinfeldian “not that there’s anything wrong with that” attitude. Nowadays, there’s hardly anyone who looks down on someone just because they were once married.

Sex in literature and other entertainment follows a similar path. As something becomes more and more accepted “in polite company”, something more outlandish, seedy, prurient takes its place on the periphery. Then that idea on the edge comes into the fold and the next thing further out on the spectrum take a step down the ladder.

I guess, bottom line, people are become more jaded as to what they find morally unacceptable any more as popular culture is taking the place of our religious institutions, parents and schools as instructors of our moral compasses.

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I certainly don’t think real kinks that people have should be stigmatized, as long as they’re victimless.
Incest for the most part is consensual sex between adults, so long as there are no prospects for reproduction.

incest leads to a higher rate birth defects if a kid results. i think that reality will mean this is always unacceptable.

not for gay people, or if you use contraception, plus you can always abort if accidents happen. Nothing really more damning than a bad STI.

it will still have a stigma attached to it due to birth defects. yeah, you can avoid them with abortion, etc. i’m talking about the stigma though.

also, i think people will still find it icky regardless and still do.

The same way people had a stigma against gay sex.

People really only have a stigma against incest when discussed in public, because the most searched porn words have almost always surrounded incest (mother/daughter/sister).

It does seem like the wind is blowing the other way with pop media, as least it’s now more openly part of public discourse.

okay well, i still think that incest is gross.

Not a fan - Game of Thrones had a big arc on this but it was supposed to be taboo and emblematic of depravity and corruption, both the Lannister twins and the Targaryens. I haven’t watched the new spinoff yet, I’m waiting on it because GoT burned us with the horrible end. However I know the Targaryens are canonically incestuous so I’m not particularly curious. GRR Martin had a lot of questionable stuff in his books but at least it felt like world/character building. The show turned it into “haha sibling sex, boobs”.

The p*rn thing is, well, concerning but prevalent.

I wouldn’t say there is a normalization in general culture but there is a segment of the population (heavily but not entirely incels) that are very into it and that is concerning.

I’m curious to think why you think it’s concerning. Again, if people are educated about inbreeding and takes precautions to prevent it if needed, why does what two consensual people do in private concern anyone any more than any other consensual sex act.

Don’t most of these porn searches have ‘step’ in front of them? Inbreeding isnt even an issue then.

There might be some ‘accidental’ inbreeding in my extended family. Some of my relatives married neighbors/kids of family friends. Thanks to 23 and me, we’re finding out that some of the ladies that birthed these relatives might’ve gotten knocked up by the neighbor/family friend. No confirmations yet but… it would explain a lot!

Dynamics of power, inability to leave.

I mean if a 30-y/o and a 28-y/o decide to hook up, it’s weird but I don’t really care. I know I discussed GoT earlier where they were both adults, but they began in childhood, canonically.)

If a 17-year old and a 14-year old are having sex, that’s straight-up rape. I don’t care if the 14-year-old appeared to consent, they cannot, they are a child.

This is personal to me because an ex (who I am still close with) was molested by their older ~16-y/o step-brother from around ages 12-14.

That’s because you can’t legally have a porn name with real incest implications. So step is a way to get past that.
Another popular p0rn name convention is “NOT his real daughter”, but the plot indicates otherwise.

That said, I have watched real twincest porns, they’re made in Europe though. A few of them are actually quite famous (and they’re real twins).

From google: "

In terms of birth defects, he says, the risks rise from about 2% in the general population to 4% when the parents are closely related.


Doesn’t seem like the risks of inbreeding are that high. Certainly not high enough for a total unconditional ban of incest. Even disregarding infertile and gay people.

I don’t think that watching porn featuring incest means that a person actually wants to partake in incest with their own family members.

Never said it did.
Just saying it should be less stigmatized.

nah, still gross

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