Inappropriate (and silly) spreadsheet uses

I may port over some of my old examples…

but I want to share this, because we can embed videos here:

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Why is that inappropriate?

Yeah. Matt Parker has a bit about using spreadsheets to make pictures and uses it to teach people about RGB color and image processing in general. Pretty interesting as a first step into the ideas.

I’ve seen that – I think it’s a Ted Talk, actually

I think it’s fine to use spreadsheets in this way to learn or teach something (I used =RAND() in creating teaching spreadsheets, after all)…

…and this thread is going to be mainly talking about silly uses.

Okay, I’ll be adding some entries from the old AO thread:

There are my silly fractal spreadsheets:

something about the second one here:


I was wrong about it being a Ted Talk, but here’s the video:

and this will turn a picture into a spreadsheet:

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I don’t know which thread to put this in… I’ll put it here

blog post on it:

Civ game:

Okay, I laughed at this one

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This is just about the word:


I created a picture of the Mandelbrot Set in Excel once. There were parameters you could set to zoom into wherever you wanted.

Back on the AO, mathguy posted excel vba code to produce the Mandelbrot set. There were no parameters, however. It just filled your screen with a generated picture of it.

Drawing pokemon

oh dear god no

I’ve been married over 20 years. Don’t do this.


And I’m at 10 years and I’m sitting here thinking this will be something to consider in 4 years when all the kids are gone and we have to start doing everything ourselves again :joy::joy::joy:

There are some non-EGGS entries in there… it’s a lie!