Inappropriate (and silly) spreadsheet uses

Ok, not necessarily inappropriate… business planning uses are one of its intended uses, after all.

Perhaps the most important tool that Chris Ball, owner of Ball Family Farms in Los Angeles, has in his cultivation toolshed is database software Microsoft Excel.

“Our best friend is that computer program,” said Ball, explaining that he depends on Excel to plan and coordinate the seven strains he grows annually in eight grow rooms that each can hold about 60 plants.

okay, the following makes me think it’s being used in an odd way:

“You have to be very diligent and very meticulous about that, because things happen,” Ball said. To help coordination, the Excel cells are all color-coordinated according to rooms, strains, dates and various tasks such as de-leafing and watering, Ball said. He estimated there are 10 categories on that Excel sheet.

“It looks like Tetris,” he joked, referring to the video game with colorful blocks. “We have a full-time person paying attention to this Excel sheet eight hours a day, because things pop up or go wrong. Or, we have to get a contractor in to fix an AC unit, and we have to plan that because some days a contractor may not be able to enter the facility because they might screw up the environment.


That’s in Danish, but here’s a quick explanation:

But Denmark just had it’s “oops, the spreadsheet corrupted our data” moment, where 9,000 vulnerable patients didn’t get an invite to get their covid shots, because their SSNs started with a zero.

Looks like Denmark didn’t contact 9,000 people about vaccines because a spreadsheet was removing lead zeroes!

well, who am I to judge? I don’t play this game, but…

Those lunatics in Reykjavik have only gone and done it. EVE Online developer CCP games has always had an element of self-knowledge about it, and a unique relationship with its community, who love and loathe EVE with a life-overtaking ardour. One of the long-running gags about the game is that it’s really just “spreadsheets in space” and, after announcing the collaboration a while ago, EVE Online has, 20 years after release, become the first videogame to seamlessly integrate Microsoft Excel, the world’s favourite spreadsheet software.

Excel is now a free add-on for EVE Online, and “enables you to effortlessly access and analyze your in-game data across all your accounts and characters”. On the latter point, I was a non-serious EVE player and had multiple accounts and characters across them, so you can imagine just how much data the big boys are tracking. Once imported Excel will allow you to “create custom reports, graphs, and charts to gain deep insights into your in-game activities, track your progress, and strategize your next steps”.

Old, and not -exactly- inappropriate, but…

I’m surprised it took so long. Some people play EVE by sitting in front of spreadsheets more than actually having the game open.

Tried to find the right spot on GoA for this story and landed here.

did not read - what is the baseline altitude used to squich? like if the whole state is at least 2500 ft above sea level then it’s a 1 inch brownie on top of 2500 ft, right?

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FYI, the EuSpRIG horror stories page has been updated:

Are you implying using a spreadsheet to quantify your relationship isn’t appropriate?

Actually I thought it was more “(and silly) spreadsheet uses” than inappropriate. Everyone knows you just need to do a pros and cons list :wink:

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You can do that in a spreadsheet