Impostor syndrome

I feel like most people who have impostor syndrome are actually impostors and rather than owning up to the consequences of overselling their abilities, they’ve made up this term to feel better about themselves and to avoid responsibility.

I think the OP missed who coined the term.

I really doubt that those who suffer from the syndrome would be looking to coin such a term just for themselves since it only points out the very thing they’re trying to hide.

Who doesn’t have imposter syndrome

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People with dunning-Kruger.

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If you don’t have imposter syndrome sometimes you don’t work with enough smart people around you. I feel it quite often.

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well, if everyone around you is smarter than you maybe you are an imposter

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You guys are doing this on purpose, right?

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huh, spell check didn’t catch that one for some reason

I’ve seen it both ways, but xkcd guy has it right.

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Well, it should end in -er, because that’s how it’s pronounced.

Yeah English is pretty messed up.
How do you say pastor?

I feel this. Thankfully they are youngins and I know stuff they don’t know. But they are still smarter.

As in “tacos al pastor”?


i’ll take 3 please

We should go for :taco::taco: some time. :yum:

My department is full of PhD types with serious backgrounds in epidemiology and stats and what-not, so I often feel like the dumb guy in the room. I let them do the math, but they don’t know how healthcare claims really work or the nuts and bolts of finance, so I have my place.

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We have a spelling imposter on our hands…

or is that an IM poster?



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Pastorized milk . . . something Catholics (or is it Lutherans?) should get?