I'm old and cranky. I don't want to learn new stuff

Ah. So six then?
I set it to 8, lmk if u want something different.
It’s probably there to prevent flooding by spammers, but that’s not a problem here.


Yet . . . :grimacing:

Challenge accepted…

That red vertical dash on the right is new and I don’t know what it means. :confused:

…this is the “front page “ of disco hub on an iPhone

I dunno what that is, but you should definitely push it.

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Yeah…it’s like a mystery light switch…it just bring me into GoA like usual. :man_shrugging:

More “New features?!?!?!?!!! OMGWTFBBQ?!?!?!”

Do I want to learn these things? Are they going to improve my GoA experience considerably?

Ooooh!!! Ooooooh!!! Real time chat: opens the door for some drunkposting, amirite @JFG???


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testing, testing

(1) Bedrock’s Redstone SUCKS, Here’s Why. - YouTube

I’m just testing some Discourse stuff. Sorry if it looks weird.

What’s this?

It’s a chat function. I installed it last night.
Then I thought, gee, I really probably should’ve run that past the mods first before I got trigger happy.

I didn’t read up on how it works. And I haven’t had feedback from the mods yet. So…I dunno if it’ll stay up, or we’ll expand it or get rid of it or something else.

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Well, this mod was wondering the same thing about the new icon. “Huh, what’s that?” Happy to provide feedback after I understand what it does. :wink:

As long as @JFG has a place for his late night drunken thoughts, I’m happy.

did you just turn it off or something? It seemed to be working, and now it isn’t.

I put a post in the staff section.

:tfh: I almost clicked on @SpaceLobster’s chat last night but was supposed to be sleeping.

I was sober tho.