I'm old and cranky. I don't want to learn new stuff

Help an old man out.

How do I move a thread that I created to a different forum?

What happened to my FSP thread? I just posted in it two minutes ago and now I can’t find it.

Is there a way to see a list of the threads that I started?

Do we have smileys on this site? Is there a list of them? Do they have shortcuts?

How the hell did this thread end up in Sports??!@?#$!@#?#!!

A mod can move a thread for you. You can report it with the flag icon and let us know.

I don’t see the other one you’re talking about.

I know this software takes a bit of getting used to. But you’ll catch on.


I moved this to the site feedback forum

I think users can move their threads. If there’s a pencil icon next to the title, click that.

okay, thanks.

ah, thank you.

Here it is: AO FSP I thought I had started it in sports. It looks like it’s in the sandbox now. When I poke around it mentions that it had been edited by thetermguy. Maybe glenn moved it.

When we moved from the SOA to any of the AO’s predecessors and then to the AO that all took some getting used to…each and every time. I’m 20+ years older now, crankier, and stuck in my ways like a Prius in a Minnesota mud field. I do appreciate your help and patience. I’ll do my best not to be a bother.

How about these questions:

You got anything for that?

Also, no multi-quoting, huh?

You can see the smilies by typing a :

That will bring up recent ones you’ve used and give you the option for more.

If you highlight text from another post you get the option to quote.

I’m not sure about multi-quotes.


Yes, you can see threads you started by clicking your icon on the upper right of the page. Hang on, and I’ll try it and report the steps.

Also, multi quote works great in this software, but you need to leave the quote tags on their own line. If you write on the same line they some work.

Okay, click your icon
Then click the little person icon
Then click “activity”
Then you can select between all, topics, and some other stuff. I think “topics” will give you the you started.

But it find it awkward to find stuff, even so. If there’s a thread i know I’ll want to return to i bookmark it.

:tup: & :toth:
I appreciate the help. Thanks!

I did. I was wondering if it’s location was causing the problem. Not everything is quite perfect here just yet.

You can. Click the pencil icon beside the title. there’s dropdowns that show the categories and the subcategories. Change them and then click the check mark, it’ll be moved.

Yes - click on your icon top right. -->Activity ->Topics. Similiarly for your posts (but use Replies instead of topics).

When you post, at the top of the text box there’s a smiley. Click on it, it’ll show the list.

Multi-quoting as to be done manually.

Can’t find a good “tip of the hat” smiley nor one that conveys “thanks”, but this one at least has a hat, so imagine that it’s tipped in gratitude to everyone who’s helped me:

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I don’t see these drop downs…This is what I see after clicking on the pencil icon in the OP

You need to click the pencil beside the thread title. Your screenshot doesn’t appear to be from there.

Here’s what I get when I click on the pencil icon beside the thread title, you can see the dropdowns to change the category for the post:

Okay…I see it now. Thanks for everything.

Ideas for a better-looking forum (from a noted expert):

  1. Put the exams at the bottom, not the top.
  2. Give each subcategory its own line.
  3. Add the most recent posted thread’s title to the right of the subtopic name.
  4. And, who posted it.
  5. And the date and time.

I don’t particularly disagree with any of that but offer two comments.

I don’t think we are ready to get into template mods just yet. This is out of the box, it’s functional, so…there’s my excuse.

Secondly, your premise is based on viewing the category list as the primary page. I don’t even visit that page and I suspect others will move that way as well.

I just achieved trust level 3 and the regular badge.

Perhaps, that was part of the issue of me not being able to move/rename a thread.

Anywho, tell me more about this private lounge area - is there food? …appetizers at least?

There’s not really anything there at the moment.