If you could travel for 3 weeks anywhere (after the pandemic), where would you go?

I’d like to do eastern France, Switzerland, Italy. Or Australia/New Zealand.

So many cancelled trips…

It was supposed to go to Israel, and Japan. I really want to go back to Hawaii. I was recently invited to Greece. And Houston and Minneapolis.

I think the next “real vacation” Mrs. Sidekick and I take is slated to be Anguilla, although we have “family responsibility” trips that will take precedence.

While it wouldn’t be a three-week vacation, I do have my eye on guest quarters at a monastery a couple of hours away, for the prospect of an unplug/decompress retreat on a beautiful campus.

I had booked an weekend trip to Portland, OR as a “beacuse I can”/“because I have a flight voucher that will expire otherwise” trip…but the airline changed the flight schedules in such a way that it wasn’t going to work out. So, it’s now a trip to Denver…plus, I’m realizing that with a health issue that emerged last year, I need to take a “test trip” before I start having to travel “for real”. (Learning my new limitations has been…annoying.)

Australia/New Zealand in three weeks? You’ll spend most of your time at airports.

vegas baby, vegas

3 weeks in Vegas? I don’t think I could manage that — usually burned out by day 5.

yeah, maybe 3 days in vegas

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drive around the whole country, if you’re so inclined

Europe is always fun, though it doesn’t require as long and can be done in shorter stints. But while I would vote for going to Australia and New Zealand, it’s uncertain how soon they’ll open up for tourists. So if they’re open when you want to travel, go Down Under; otherwise have an awesome extended trip to Europe.

I’ll visit my daughter in the UK for sure. We’ve also been invited on a private yacht tour of coastal Turkey next year with a friend who grew up there. I’ll go for sure. SO is a maybe. We are going to test his tolerance for motion in smaller doses before he commits to a week on a small boat. Lots of places I want to go. I think 2022 is going to be a big year for the travel industry.

The pandemic has pretty much sealed my SO not being prepared to get on a plane. So I guess anywhere within driving distance. The FL keys maybe.

We have vague plans for Japan in late 2022 or early 2023. It’ll probably be ~3 weeks. Timing will depend on pandemic development and research for what we want to do there.

Three Weeks - we are already planning Italy (though who has three), Aruba most likely next trip

Disney World!

The half-acre that is my backyard.

Hmmm, three weeks is an interesting window. I’d probably do Thailand and Cambodia, and maybe Vietnam. Probably makes more sense to go slower through Thailand and just a handful of days in Cambodia.

Other thought would be Galapagos and somewhere in South America, maybe a trip through Cartagena, couple days on the Ecuador mainland before heading over to the islands.

Since we can’t squeeze three weeks, we are planning on going to Maui for 12 days in July. I’ll take that.

That’s a bucket list item of mine, to travel “down under”. 3 weeks would be nice (and a minimum, I think) to get there and really experience it.

Yeah, for me as well. That’s the one huge trip I still really want to get done. I have lots of other places that I want to see, but that’s the big one and the one that seems most possible right now.

Europe has relatively little appeal to me. I would like to do a whisky tour of Scotland, but that would only be a week. I guess I would like to do a wine tour of France. But other European countries for the most part don’t pique my interest too much.

Yeah. I’ve never actually taken a 3 week trip. (maybe once? Not certain.) I normally take trips that are

  • long weekends
  • A week
  • two weeks
    I don’t think I have any 3 week trips that I have been wanting to take. Although, I guess if my Australia trip had been 3 weeks, rather than 2, I might have hit NZ. I would certainly have made it to Ayer’s rock, which was the big thing I missed due to time contraints.