I Voted

In my state, we can do an “in person absentee ballot”. You fill out the regular AB request and get the regular AB ballot and envelopes. But, I did the whole thing in a storefront the county is renting across from the courthouse. No mail required.

It felt good – very much like voting in person on election day. Light traffic, friendly poll workers. I’m wearing my “I voted” sticker.

And, when the annoying TV ads appear, I can say “Too late for you”.


I put my ballot in a mailbox. Missed out on the voting experience and the cool sticker :frowning: and probably a stylus pen (got that in the primary and they let you keep it since it would be a covid risk to re-use)

What’s the purpose of the “I Voted” sticker?

Should I start wearing a

“I went to church” or
“I paid my phone bill” or
“I woke up before my alarm clock went off” or
“I put my beer can in the recycle bin”


I’ve seen places giving out free stuff/discounts for someone with an “I voted” sticker. Apparently it is illegal to encourage voting of any kind with monetary gifts so technically the free items and discounts are available to anyone who asks but it serves as a way to advertise.

ETA: Weird. The software automatically removed my quote of BG’s post. Presumably bc 1) it is immediately preceding and 2) I quoted the entire thing.

I dropped off my vote in the dropbox earlier this week. They mailed me an “I voted” sticker with my ballot.

Yes to all of these. I want pictures.

I just got a snazzy “I voted” badge on GoActuary.com that I’m now displaying proudly.

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I’ve created an “I VOTED” GoA badge that should be available to everyone shortly.

If you go to your profile, you can opt to display it in your title if you’d like.


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Awww - there’s supposed to be a little flag next to that! Hmmm … I’ll keep working on it.


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I think I may have been given the I Voted badge though there’s a good probability that I didn’t actually vote. Y’know, what with being Canadian.
But if I could, I’d have voted for Bernie. He’s the most Canadian of all.

Everyone has access to the badge. It’s up to you to display it if you choose to.

To remind other people they can vote, too?

I’ve seen tee shirts from churches and others with recycle slogans. I assume the same idea.

You can remind other people to pay their bills or get up in the morning if you like.

(Mostly I mentioned it because it’s a curious part of our voting ritual.)

I got a free pen – covid and all that.
Instead of licking your envelope to seal it, they provided glue sticks. But, everyone used the same glue sticks, so :man_shrugging:

I requested they mail me a ballot a couple of months ago, before the primary. (I asked for both.) My general election ballot arrived about two weeks ago. On Saturday, i took my ballot, plus the rest of the ballots from my household, and put them in the drop box at town hall. In Monday i checked on line, and, despite the holiday, all of our votes had been accepted. Weee.

So, yes, i voted.

I took a poop today.

Just a PSA for good bowel health.

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Would you like me to set up a badge for that?

It might be popular…

Why not…no sillier than some of the other badges.

My filled out, sealed, signed ballot is sitting on my desk, planning to take it to the drop box at city hall today before 5, or Monday. I hadn’t thought about it not being open on the weekends before I looked up the location, but I guess that makes it less likely to be tampered with if it’s only open during the week when there’s an employee who can keep an eye on it/empty it when full.