I hate when that happens

A thread to share the worst pain you ever experienced

If you want can give multiple or categorize
Quick Pain
Prolonged Pain

I have been lucky so far, I have to say when I broke my ribs

tooth ache from teeth whitening

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Looming existential dread.


tore my achilles years ago. on the binary scale, it definitely hurt and rated a 1. was not fun, don’t want to do again.

Probably when I ruptured a central disc in my spine.

Shoulder reconstruction. Dislocated clavicle but ripped apart the cartilage in the actual joint in 6th grade. I was young enough to not have any issues with it now, but waking up from surgery was the single most painful thing I’ve experienced by far.

Worst pain?

  1. Kidney stones.
  2. I fractured/compressed some vertebrae in my back during a youtube moment. My SO said I was gray with pain.

Need a woman that has had a painful childbirth as well as kidney stones to correctly rank the pain.

Also a guy with kidney stones and has had his balls sat on

It’s weird, I’ve been through some painful shit: broken bones, childbirth and its aftermath, cancer treatments and more surgeries than I can count. But I have very little recollection of physical pain.

Not from high tolerance. I’m probably average on that. I remember crying from physical pain, but I can’t recall the pain itself. Must be some biological survival thing. Otherwise we’d probably die out! :joy:

Most painful thing ever: Seeing my child in pain and not being able to do anything. :cry:

My two bouts of cancer nearly destroyed both my parents in this way. :weary:. When I got my second diagnosis, I called my brother and made him go over to my parents house and tell my mom. My dad wasn’t there, which was good, because it gave my mom a chance to grieve a bit and then tell my dad. :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:


physical: pull-up bar failed and I landed square on my back. Probably the worst single pain.

emotional: ending a relationship. I was gutted for days.


One time I was at the dentist’s office and I had a cavity. The hygienist kept poking it and it was really really painful. I’ve since had it filled but I have like mini-PTSD whenever someone at the dentist’s office touches that spot on that tooth even though it doesn’t hurt and has been filled.

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The pains that I remember are not necessarily the worst pain, but the worst prolonged pain (AKA torture).

Like when I had one of my wisdom teeth cut out, my entire mouth and throat were swollen, I could barely swallow water. I was also jetlagged (I was in Asia) so could barely sleep. It was literal torture.

And pain meds are not given out like candy there.

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This is bad enough with children’s injections, can only imagine the pain with a real ailment

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Yeah, now that I think about it, in recent times, the most painful thing I can recall is the sinus headache I had with Covid in 2020.

I was literally pounding my head between my eyes with my fist because it created a different pain sensation that was less painful than the Covid pain.

  1. C-section and the anesthesia didn’t take all the way (they hit me up good right after D came out, tho)
  2. teeth drilled w/o novocaine (that was on me – don’t do this. It’s stupid.)

Those cover the worst. They’re both acute.

I have chronic pain, and it comes & goes. I don’t keep a great record of that. I was bedridden for a month as a result of that one back in 2010 – screwed-up discs in my neck. It’s still screwed up, and I have pain all the time.



You’re mean!!! :joy:

Why do you hurt me so

Most intense pain was when I needed a root canal on a tooth in the bottom front of my mouth. With every beat of my heart I could feel a pulsing pain that radiated through my skull and made it feel like my head would explode. Of course this was on a Friday night so I ended up in the ER begging for pain meds to get me through the weekend until I could get it looked at. That was a rough couple of days.