I don't get why Pete is our transportation secretary

You’d think they’d appoint a civil engineer or supply chain management professional to the post or something but no. Isn’t this whole port traffic jam his job to solve?

idk, but pete is cute and good in interviews.

Huh. TIL the department was created under LBJ

It looks like the first 3 people in the post had strong transportation backgrounds, but it got iffy after that.

This dude had a really checkered career:

Wait, this dude, too:

What is it with these guys

I get the quid pro quo thing but couldn’t they have appointed him to Secretary of Small Town America? Is there such a post?

People don’t want to see ugly people on TV. That’s why.


Thanks for the link. Reading the wiki list roll over text on each of them was interesting. Rodney Slater looked like a decent choice after the first few. My favorite was “Maria Cino is an American public servant, and a political operative of the Republican Party.” If that is the only thing wiki has to say about you…

I can’t look at a picture of Elaine Chao without thinking about her husband and what kind of mental strength it would require to be married to him

I don’t think you put in specialized experts into cabinet positions just to deal with the latest issue. You would cycle through a lot of secretaries that way.

I think you bring them in instead as advisors or consultants

Why can’t the customers bring the specs directly to the engineers?

Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

what part of “political” do u not understand?

I don’t get why my Ceo isn’t an actuary.

I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even know how to use index match correctly.

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I don’t really even know if I know how to use index match correctly.

Sounds like you’re well on your way to becoming SV’s CEO


Honestly, I’m surprised anyone is doubting Pete’s educational background. Dude was a Rhodes Scholar, which is like, 99.99%ile academic overachievement. If you’re going to dump on a cabinet politician I can think of about a hundred less qualified chumps.

Also he was a McKinsey Consultant out of college. Apparently he was so actudonk, he could even go past the million row limit! :heart_eyes:

But it worked out well for him. His next assignment was a six-month stint in Toronto working for a supermarket chain called Loblaws, which was looking to cut prices, and brought him in to figure out how to do it in a way that would actually help the bottom line. The analysis he built, Buttigieg told me, was millions of lines of data. It was too big for Excel, so he put it into a different program that needed to be run through a special laptop that he toted around and nicknamed Bertha.

say no more

I’m hard

…Yeah, I’ve met the McKinsey folks.

Anyway, their job is to give the client cover for a decision already made. It’s a sweet gig.


He’s a cutie patootie (and incredibly smart). We’ve had far worse just in recent years and I have faith he will do well.