I don't get why Pete is our transportation secretary

He named his Laptop Big Bertha? I’ll just stop right there for all our friends who swing that way.

I swing many ways

Pete plays golf???

Even as a staunch conservative I recognize that Pete will do fine in this role. It’s not that hard and he’s more than capable. He says some stupid “woke” catchphrase stuff, like implying a bus full of minorities can’t reroute around a low bridge, but I believe his overall intentions and approach are good. He would probably make a better POTUS than Biden.

I somewhat like Biden and agree with that, but a gay man would never make it to POTUS current-day. Maybe in a couple decades, it would just be red meat for the right-aligned base.

I agree with this. The media (almost all left and right) would focus on his gayness never letting it be a non-issue. His gayness is the low hanging fruit and the 24 hour news cycle thrives off of low hanging fruit. The group of people that would not vote for him because he is gay is small, the group of people that would not vote for him because “it’s always about his gayness” is large.

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If you can convince an extra 3% of the populace that otherwise would not vote to vote against somebody “because gay”, you have a pretty solid chance of winning against them. Sad but true. I like the guy, I think he’s very smart, very wholesome, very motivated, very tough, and very empathetic.

Just can’t win right now “because gay”. I voted Biden for primaries just out of pragmatism.

Pete was my choice for the nomination…he dropped before I had a chance to vote for him, but he did motivate me to contribute through donating to his campaign before it was over. Glad he was given a cabinet position, hope we can get over the “because gay” thing. Maybe he makes a VP choice for 2024 if Biden declines running for a second term.

He’s only 39, so he should probably wait another 40-50 years before running.

You’ve obviously never lived in NYC. While the area has solved the “no public transit from the minority areas to these nice parks” problem, the bridges were, in fact, intentionally designed to keep minorities out of those parks. And it worked for a while.


I think he should have at least run a port or something before getting the job

Nice time to remember that gay marriage acceptance had been steadily rising even through the last decade.

As much as I feel like we are on the verge of entering a new dark age of trumpkinism, it’s nice to know those snotty enlightened libs actually won a culture war without it destroying democracy completely.


need a line for roller coasters


Omicron a creation to provide cover for Pete’s failings as transportation secretary.

At least Pete knows what an air compressor is for. (I hope.)

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I had the same thought.

what % of voters will actually hold that against him… Probably enough to sink his candidacy in this day and age. I hope that his primary candidacy and role in the current admin is a big step in the right direction for acceptance.

He and warren seemed like the smartest people in the room by a wide margin. I would freaking love to have them country run them. I dont mind if Dems win, I just dont like it when crappy dems win…

Is this supposed to be a “In Russia, the country run them” type of sentence???

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I’m late to the party. Does somebody have a summary of his failing as transportation secretary?

Not so much as a “failings as . . .” than “is qualified for” . . . Pete has (virtually) zero experience in this field.