I don't get air compressors

I guess if you have like 20 tires to pump maybe it’d be worth it. But I was checking my car tires and they only need to be like, 32 psi or something.

When pumping my bicycle tires with my hands I have to go all the way up to 120 psi so pumping up a car tire ought to be a cake walk. So what’s the point of the machines at gas stations or the compressors people buy to keep in their cars?

What I can gather from my FIL is some guys like loud machines, whether they’re functional or not.

I suppose you also churn your own butter?


do you guys call them tyres or do I gotta go all the way across the Atlantic for that

Of course, it probably is just a big conspiracy by the compressor syndicate, but, to test out your theory, deflate all four tires on your vehicle and then pump them up by hand.

Report back. :popcorn:


Well, if I churned my own butter that would yield like, a shit ton of butter right? But you only have 4 tires, so I can’t imagine an air compressor saving any time.

Well we have to inflate our tires pretty regularly due to wildly fluctuating weather a couple times a year, so yeah, not doing that by hand.

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The gas station machine is also more annoying because it doesn’t have a gauge usually.

Depends if we’re talking ‘murican, imperial, or metric.

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Well, ours does, and it’s also free, so no brainer there.

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Ooh…is it also “automatic”? I’ve heard of ones where it will shut off once the tire is properly inflated.

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Sadly, no, but it does beep when you hit your desired psi.

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Ok I just topped my tires up. The difference is bike tires have like 10% the volume of car tires, so filling car tires actually takes some work by hand.

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Funny story, my wife convinced me the winter rims don’t have a tire pressure sensor, so I should ignore the low pressure warning.

Tires were at ~25 psi, door jam wants them at 33. I just split the difference and took them up to 30. I have a strong feeling the tire pressure warning light will now be happier.

Any tool that runs on an air compressor that makes your life a hell of a lot easier. Like, say, a nail gun.

Unless you fuck around and put a nail into your thigh or calf or such. Then you have a different problem.


But how hard is it really? At 30 something psi that’s like saying yeah you don’t have to sprint, but you gotta walk farther.

I’d love for you to give it a try and report back.


It’s hard enough that someone invented a machine to automate most of the work and someone else decided it was worth the cost to pay for the machine.


Yeah, the primary purpose of a compressor isn’t for tires. Geesh. 8 feet of trim with a hammer and you’ll be wishing you had a compressor.

Of course they make cordless battery ones now, but I ain’t trump level rich.

I have a 25 gallon compressor and a (fairly) portable compressor that’s just 2-3 gallons but works for smaller tools. Either would be quite sufficient for car tires and, if I check both cars and find I’m going to need a good amount of air, I’ll fire one up. If I just need 5psi in one tire I’ll grab the bike pump.

Now, I’ve had a compressor since the old days when I had an old car. If you’ve made it this far into adulthood and haven’t needed an air compressor, I might suggest something like this. Note the tool is $20 but doesn’t include a battery.