I don't get air compressors

Yeah that’s what I thought. I was flabbergasted when I saw someone using it for tires so I thought most people who get this probably actually have some other use for the machine.

I’m about 50 50 on using it for bike tires. Sometimes I’m just too lazy to pull it out, so grab the pump. Or, I don’t want to have to remember where I put that presto valve thing.

I think most floor pumps now have it such that it will automatically fit a presto or car tire

Hold up…


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I asked him to elaborate in some other thread and I am still waiting on the answer

maybe this is some R that we’re supposed to N, but is going over everybody’s head

  1. A car tire is hundreds of times the work of pumping up a bike tire
  2. A compressor can have attachments to fill up tires, balls, swim rings, or inflatable japanese monsters
  3. Compressors are relatively cheap, powerful, and durable
  4. Compressors are versatile and can be used for rotational power instead of electric motors on drills, ratchets, sanders, nailers, buffers, paint sprayers, saws, grinders, air hammers, blow guns, etc. It is cost effective to have one power provider to power several individual tools rather than needing every tool to have an electric motor.

that’s some gooood Photoshop right there.

Reminds me of a pic I have of my standing beside the world’s largest axe.

Pic, not mine but it is the axe we visited.

What a truly odd autocorrect :laughing:


presta…the word you’re looking for is “presta” :wink:

It was actually a great day. Coming back from PEI where we cycled across the island for our anniversary. Went off the highway for a bite,ended up going way off the beaten track to a pizza joint. Along the way I kept seeing signs for world’s largest axe.
We get to the pizza joint and I said ‘say a fella wanted to see a really big axe. Where might I go?’
Pizza person looks at me, ‘seriously?’.
‘yeah, I kept seeing signs.’.
Pizza person just looks out the window. I turned around and went,oooooooh. Right there.
No word of a lie, some of the best pizza I’ve had in my life right there.

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Does she not know that pressure drops in cold temperatures?

For marital harmony?

Normally, robots or aliens have a good grasp on physics. Maybe “atmosphere” is the real strange concept, as most of those two can live in vacuums.

Prompting cs to ask, “I don’t get vacuums. Why don’t we put a hole in the atmosphere and voila all the dust and dirt get sucked up into the universe?”

The answer to cs’s OP question is same as this one:
People ask us how the Change Bank is profitable; the answer is simple: “Volume.”


Funny how he wanted to know all about my personal life but not willing to cough up details on his.

One of our local tire shops fills our tires to your desired PSI on demand, for free. Have never waited more than 15 minutes, often it’s closer to 5. I go probably 3-4x per year. Sadly both of our cars have at least 1 tire that have some minor leak - my fault for buying cheap probably, but not worried as long as they’re inflated. I tell them to put the bad tires about 5 PSI above the others so they all deflate proportionally.

This is where I was going in my head as well

i got family on PEI! someday I hope to get up there. my dad went for a funeral 15 years ago I think.

What is the policy on PEI around caskets and headstones? If one spouse dies first, do they do a double headstone for both spouses and leave it blank on one side until the second spouse dies?

it wasn’t part of the discussion w my dad, but this seems like a perfect place to expound on it. can’t think of a better place to have it.