I am going to buy this (these) today and reasons why

accidental amputations?

diabetics often have digits amputated.
and i have a really good claim story of a self imposed amputation

I have a funny story about finger biting.

My wife got nipped by a turtle on the tip of her finger in the Seychelles during our honeymoon and needed some medical care.

I called our travel insurer in the UK to get the approval (medical care for a turtle bite) and the person on the phone could not contain their laughter.

Getting hit by lightning is probably lower risk vs getting bit by a turtle.

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Just saying, things aren’t dangerous; people are stupid or inattentive of potential hazards. People think this way (stupidly or inattentively) all the time.

I’m assuming it’s more how the saw is used than the saw itself.

I don’t like ripping 2x4s on a table saw, but i can stay pretty far from the blade at all times. I can see shaping some furniture parts being you a lot closer to a band saw blade than on other saws.

I wonder if chain saw is the tops in terms of overall danger. My guess about band saw is that the free form movement of the work object contributes to its higher rate of finger injuries (if it indeed is high). Folks who used the band saw or electric knifes in the factory I worked in typically had stainless “chain mail” gloves for the work hand.

Could be the last week with 9 fingers, 8 fingers etc. I’m going to guess that the guy with one finger left is going to be extra careful though.

Bandsaws are being given the finger.

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Maybe fewer than 16 if some of these folks are losing multiple fingers at once!

My hubby sliced off a piece of his fingertip with a folding chair. I think it was plastic! Went to the ER bc it was bleeding a lot, but no long term damage, except for a small scar.


I bet there is an interesting story to how you hubby got a plastic finger.

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I just bought this switch. At my desk, I’ve got my phone, a laptop, and a small desktop running a VM. And one headset. It was a pain switching the headset before, but got worse when work changed from Slack to Teams and wouldn’t let Teams on the laptop, where my headset was normally plugged in. I’d been looking for a TRRS switch, but never found one, so the workaround is to convert the headset to USB. Now the headset is plugged into all 3 sources, and a button controls which is active. A downside is there’s a lag in switching, during which sound comes through the speaker, plus I’ve been having a tough time getting the volumes consistent, but it’s better than having to scramble to unplug and plug things when someone is calling you.


Apparently this makes my voice sound glitchy on the VM. Maybe there’s a setting somewhere I need to find and change. The audio seems to be OK, just not the microphone part.

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nah, without an opposable thumb, just one finger is quite useless.


Well now.

I have a desktop phone and I’m continually switching my headset between the phone and my computer. I was just thinking today, again, I should figure something out. I don’t want the clutter of two headsets. I never realized this type of solution existed.

Bonus points, I think there’s a whole bunch of these things on Amazon vine that I’ve ignored. If I can find one, hey, I get it for free.


Finally got around to getting a new laptop. The old one overheats like a mofo and the battery is pooched.


My macbook is like this as well (7-y/o). Ugh. I don’t think I want to get another mac