I am going to buy this (these) today and reasons why

Thanks. I can search under Target and under Reebok.

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Do you want it to roll up?
Anything thicker than a yoga mat will not roll up, IMO.

How much thicker than a yoga mat do you want it?

If you want them X times thicker, then buy X yoga mats.


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Naw, my 1.5” thick mat rolls up just fine. Takes up more space than a yoga mat, I will grant you. It’s maybe about 10” in diameter rolled up.

No, a lot of the thicker mats fold up. I think I found one.

My husband bought me a really thick yoga mat for Christmas, that’s got a lot of spring in it. It’s only ~¼ inch thick, but it’s a whole lot different from just being on the floor. It’s gaiam brand. He was worried it might be too thick.

Bought a kids snow shovel lol. To clear the snow from the ice for fishing.

I have a thicker mat as well, my husband uses it for yoga. I don’t remember the brand, think I found it on Amazon. It’s held up well enough over the years and folds up fine.

My son has a thick mat, too. It folds into 1/4ths, velcros that way, and has a handle. I’ll try to remember to look up the brand when I won’t disturb him.

I think I saw that brand when shopping.

This one doesn’t seem to have any identification on it.

At first I read this as “I have a thicker meat wall, my husband uses it for yoga.”



I’ve been watching Facebook marketplace and Best Buy deal of the day for an espresso machine. Came across a Breville Barista Pro (849 new) over the weekend on FB that looked in perfect condition and was <20 minutes away…$400.

Been playing around with that since then, trying to not get too get too much caffeine. There is a lot more that goes into it than i realized.

Not today, but I’m in the market for a new car. We went down to one car in 2019, it served us well, and now that our kids are older and I’m back in the office frequently, I think it’s time to go back to two.

Looking at a Ford Plug-In Escape. I like Ford, I wish they made a hybrid Edge, but the new Escape looks better than it did several years ago (I was not a fan).

The one I’m looking at has everything I want: heated steering wheel, leather interior, and adaptive cruise control.

Better buy it today so one one else takes it from you!

Not ready to take the full EV plunge yet? I had a Volt for years and it was great, only using gas on road trips meant I only used 50-60 gallons/year. But maybe worth looking at the Model Y, Mustang Mach e, and the Kia/Hyundai things.

Tesla is a definite no, I refuse to buy anything Elon related. Kia and Hyundai are basically uninsurable right now, so no there also (thanks, Kia Boys!). I do see the Kias and Hyundais at the top of the list of best EV, but I also wonder if they’re paying for those ratings given their current issues.

And in general, I think I’d like to go hybrid before going full EV. I don’t drive much, my commute to the office is 6 miles one way, but we do take a lot of road trips when we travel, so I’d like the flexibility. Our minivan is now 7 years old, so that won’t last forever, and we’ll likely be replacing that in the next few years (although it only has 65k miles, so maybe we can get many more years out of it, too!), so maybe then!

Bonus is paid on the 8th, so I’d rather wait for that to hit the account before making a big purchase.

If it has to look big and tall, RAV4 plug-in. If not, Prius plug-in.
I mean, NA, you want something that will work for several years and be worth something in trade-in, right?
If so, then Toyota.

I do agree that if it is not ever going to be used on long trips (more than 200 miles), then EV. And that means taking a chance on something that is not Toyota. Good luck!
And do note that buying a new EV means losing a shit-ton of that price when you drive it off the lot. So, drive it forever, get new EV batteries every ten years or so. Keep them between 20% and 80% so they’ll last longer, simple 110V charge overnight will do for commuting.

I’m not saying you should reconsider…I’m just saying, that’s not old and it’s definitely not a lot of miles…some dealer will be happy to give you less than top dollar for it.